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Pocari Sweat Safe for Pregnancy?

Pocari Sweat is a sports or energy drink from Japan since 1980 and is manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This drink markets itself as an “ion supply drink” which contains electrolyte minerals such as Magnesium carbonate, Sodium chloride and sodium citrate, Potassium chloride and Calcium lactate, which essentially accounts for its unique aftertaste and flavor. Pocari Sweat claims that it is a better alternative to drinking water especially during perspiration while working out because it help replenish these aforementioned electrolytes which are not available in ordinary water and is therefore more effective in preventing dehydration. Pocari Sweat normally comes in bottles and cans. However, there is also a power version which needs to be mixed with water.

Pocari Sweat is an energy drink which requires no prescription. It has been proven safe for general consumption. Generally, however excessive intake of energy drinks especially those that contain is caffeine is not advisable because it can cause different health problems such as heart diseases, hypertension and even kidney problems. It can also cause a loss of appetite and tooth decay especially for children.

Lately, Pocari Sweat has become popular among pregnant women. Some have even used Pocari Sweat as a substitute for drinking water. Some women have claims that Pocari Sweat is the only liquid food supplement that helps them with their pregnancy. As of to date, no study has clearly established whether the Pocari Sweat energy drink is safe or dangerous for pregnant women. So far, no negative reports have been published with regards to any ill side effects to pregnancy. Even most doctors wouldn’t know.

Nevertheless, it would still be advisable for pregnant women to refrain or avoid over consuming Pocari sweat due to possible health concerns or risks. The mineral contents of the product such as Potassium chloride, Calcium lactate and Magnesium carbonate may have risks yet unknown to pregnancy. And mothers should not take risks. It is still highly recommended that mothers drink waters instead of energized or fortified drinks, whose artificial contents may have ill effects in the normal course of nature.

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