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Pigmentation Disorders for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease which has many complications and can manifest itself in different ways. One of the most common manifestations of diabetes is through the skin in terms of texture or discoloration. One of the most common skin pigmentation disorders cause by diabetes Vitilgo or leucoderma. This condition essentially manifests itself as white patches on the skin, which is primarily caused by the damage or the insufficiency of melanin which is the skin coloring pigment. The white patches or spots can be found anywhere in the patient from face, to body to extremities but is more common in the chest and abdomen. If this happens, it is advisable for to wear sunscreen protective lotion in affected areas which is vulnerable to sunburn.

One complication of diabetes that also results to change in skin color is fungal infection. This complication is not actually a pigmentation disorder but is most symptomatic because of the skin turning red and sometimes with white spots. High levels of blood sugar can cause fungal infections which in turn seem to change skin color supplemented with scaly skin texture. In which case, it is important to keep skin clean and dry.

Another skin disorder that is attributed to diabetes is Acanthosis nigricans. Again, this is not a skin pigmentation disorder but symptoms of such disorder are noticeable due to the darkening of the skin particularly in the skin fold areas. In which case, the skin becomes brown and velvety comparable to a small wart and appears on the neck, the armpits, breast, groin and knuckles. This condition is often common to diabetic patients who suffer obesity at the same time. There is no known cure for this condition but losing weight may improve the skin condition. Moreover, Acanthosis nigricans is not a result of diabetes but instead serves as a symptom for diabetes.

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