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Philippine Diabetes Statistics

The incidence of diabetes is growing around the world. It is in the top ten leading causes of deaths. Filipinos are not an exemption to this incidence as more and more Filipinos are affected by the disease. In fact, the last 2008 survey was alarming enough to conclude that one out of every five Filipinos have diabetes. That means that around 20% of the population have diabetes and this has significantly increase from only 4% in 1998. Another cause for alarm is that Filipinos diagnosed with diabetes are getting younger. Children as young as 5-years old have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. With this trend, the Philippines is expected to belong on the top 10 countries with the most people with diabetes 15 years from now.

While the diabetic statistics in the Philippines is relatively low compared to Scandinavian countries, it nevertheless featured a drastic increase that is alarming. Over 7 million Filipinos will have diabetes by 2030. Some experts attribute the increase of diabetic incidence in the Philippines to the lifestyle and culture of Filipinos. For one, Filipinos love to eat. Rice is the Filipinos’ staple food. Filipinos are fond of holding celebrations from fiestas, chrisms, weddings, and different holidays in which food indulgence is inherent and a crucial part of the celebrations.

Filipinos has the best fatty, risky exotic foods such as batsoy, liver and other organ meat (papaitan), sisig, street foods (isaw, adidas), Lechon (split-roasted meat), the best condiments such as bagoong (red and brown), patis (fish sauce), the best steaks Bistek coated with sebo oil, Menudo and other menu. Filipinos also have the best and sweetest native delicacies and cakes (puto, palitaw, biko, bibingka, among many others. Finally, the Philippines is also the most free country where people are allowed to indulge in vices such as alcohols and cigarettes. It has the cheapest cigarettes and liquors in the world which are practically available in every nook and corner of a town and even at the most rural areas of the nation. Under these premises, it is no wonder the diabetics in the Philippines will get worse in the next years to come.

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