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Posted on December 13, 2021 | 19 Comments on Philippine Diabetes Association
The Philippine Diabetes Association (PDA) prides itself in being the “prime mover of excellent diabetes care and prevention in the Philippines.” And true enough, in its more than four decades of existence, the PDA has been in the forefront of activities and campaigns geared towards increasing the awareness of Filipinos about diabetes.
The PDA, which today “stands as the umbrella organization of all associations involved in the care of the diabetic patient”, had its birth in 1958 through the efforts of a group of internists and physicians committed to the care of diabetic patients. The group was formally organized and had its first set of officers on September 27, 1958,
with Dr. Wenceslao Vitug as its first President.
From then on, the hand of leadership in the PDA has been apssed on from one distinguished name in Philippine Medicine to another. One of these presidents, and definitely one of those who made their marks and invaluable contributions to the PDA, is Dr. Augusto D. Litonjua.
Dr. Litonjua served as PDA president for 11 years from 1983 to 1994. During those years, PDA’s reign as the leading agency with regards to diabetes awareness, care and prevention solidfied as PDA projects were launched one after the other.
It was during those years that PDA became a strong advocate of education as a right of the diabetic patient and a vital part in the treatment of diabetes along with nutrition, exercise, and dication. With this came the establishment of educational clinics a over the Philippines alongside with the creation of PDA provincial chapters in 1987.
The provincial chapters spearheaded the creation of local educational clinics that served the community. These efforts made the Philippines a frontrunner in the ASEAN region in bringing diabetes care to the grassroots level.
It was also during Dr. Litonjua’s term as president when the PDA Lay Organization was established. Another milestone for the organization was when it won recognition as member of the prestigious International Diabetes Federation (IDF), as well as the IDF Western Pacific Region.

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  1. mari Reply

    Hello Sir/Maam,
    tanong ko lang po if kapag nangamoy na ang sugat ng isang diabetic person, kinakailangan na ho bang e amputate yong parte ng me sugat, o maari pa po ba itong mapatuyo, ang sugat po ay sanhi ng kagat ng aso, although na check na po na walang rabies yong aso.

    Looking forward po sa response ninyo.
    maraming salamat!

  2. roxanne pasco Reply

    Dear Diabetes Philippine may I have your address here in Manila my mom and my grand mom has a diabetes I’m afraid that I could have too.

  3. roxanne pasco Reply

    ask ko lng dn po qng nagbbgay po kau ng free lyfstyle seminar para sa mga taong me history ng diabetes ang family hoping for your respnse Godbless

  4. Rico Laureta Reply

    I met someone who claims that Herbalife products has helped stabilize her mother’s Diabetes. Are Herbalife products approved by the FDA?

  5. Maane Baltazar Reply

    I am in the process of making a qualitative research about a nurse with diabetes. May i ask if i can ask some help to find some respondents. Thank you and God Bless!

  6. Ruena Lawag Reply

    HI, my mom and are both diabetic patient. I am just wondering if there’s a society of diabetic patient around the philippines (butuan, agusan del norte particularly) and if there is, can we get the diabetis equipment in cheaper rates and is there any education about diabetis in the rural areas/

  7. Madel Reply

    Hi, good afternoon. I’m currently doing my thesis now about diabetic amputee here in the Philippines. Do you know or recommend any place that would give me the statistic of amputee here in the Philippines that cause from diabetic. I would appreciate your reply as it would help me with my project towards on improving the condition of every diabetic amputee here in the Philippines. Thank you and good day.

  8. Abby Reply

    Hi! Our family has a history of diabetes. My younger brother has an active diabetes, I don’t know if that is the right term. My father is borderline and I think I may be one, too.
    I am thinking of going vegetarian but haven’t taken the serious commitment to do so, but a vegan friend told me that would be the way to solve this problem.
    Anyway, I have another purpose for wanting to connect with you guys. I have a stevia product that is sweetener grade and I would like to introduce this into the market. We have started selling this before 2005. Please post message to my email add to connect. I am very much interested to promote diabetes awareness. It is truly a scourge. Thanks and God bless!

  9. 12/09/26

    Good Day to all. I just had my FBS checked. Before going to the clinic I checked first my blood suger with my own meter and it was 173 mg/dl at about 6:30AM.

    It was about 8AM when the clinic staff had extracted blood sample and the was 184.55 mg/dl.

    Then took my breafast at about 8:30AM. After 2 hours, CBS was taken and the result was 296.00 mg/dl.

    Can our blood sugar level-up while on fasting? Or it’s a meter error?

  10. Emmanuel Tio Reply

    October 29, 2012

    Dear Diabetes Philippines,

    I was too late to hear the news that my cousin has diabetes. His leg was amputated and it was a very bad surprise on our part. I never knew that he has a diabetes and we just have to ask for help from the diabetes experts.

    I just don’t know what to do with situations like these since I have nothing to do with diabetes except to exercise regularly and to eat the right food and to do the right diet. If I know that he has a diabetes, I should’ve told him what to do inside his house to avoid amputations.

    Is there anything we could do to help him since he is a very poor man in the Philippines and I think that he can’t buy an artificial leg to bring back his normal life?

    He had his major surgery in the Batangas Regional Hospital two or three days ago and we felt pity for him. I’m not sure if I could help but I have symptoms to share and perhaps I have a Type-1 Diabetes.

    I’ve read the symptoms in a Reader’s Digest magazine more or less 14 years ago and I guess they have the right hypothesis for me. RD magazine seemed to know the future and I think they’d prophesied about my life quite well.

    These are the symptoms I have right now:

    1. Abnormal, intense thirst.
    2. Frequent and copious urination.
    3. Frequent hunger.
    4. Sudden, unexplained weight loss.
    5. Slow-healing cuts, bruises or skin infections.
    6. Recurrent infections.
    7. Alternating clear and blurred vision.
    8. Unexplained weakness and extreme exhaustion.
    9. Genital itching or impotence.
    10. Tingling and numbness of feet (and hands).

    * From Lam Lye Ching’s article entitled “DIABETES The Hidden Epidemic” page 78, January 1999 Issue.

    I still remember my passing grade to enter the college university in the Philippines. I got 78% and that was the start of my college education in the university of the Philippines, Diliman. I was the only one who passed in the piano audition in the Abelardo Hall and passing the exams required plenty of sacrifice including my own life.

    Thanks to Lam Lye Ching of Singapore (if I’m not mistaken). Research and Development team has a real prophesy.

    I have no idea if my uncle has sources of income to survive the next few days of his life and I am still looking for sources of income to sustain mine.

    I don’t want to die in here.

    I hope for your supports, help and concerns!

    Thankfully yours in Christ,

    Emmanuel Tio
    Address: 759 Libjo, D’Hope, Batangas City, Philippines 4200
    Phone: (043) 402 1121
    Mobile: 09326180250

  11. conrad Reply

    2 year na po ako diabetic, last 2 months na blood sugar monitor ko, 83 at 93 lang sugar ko in random. Pero po bakit ganun yung right feet ko po, namamaga pagmalamig masakit, yung mga ugat parang gumagalaw, saka pag nasagi ng tela yung skin sa paa minsan masakit. nahirapan po ako sa work ko kc pilay po talaga ako maglakad. bali binigyan lang ako ng doctor mga gamot diclofenac sodium 50mg 3x aday at pain killer . lagi po sumasakit yung paa ko tuwing gabi, at di po ako makatulog. almost 10-15kilos na po binaba ng tibang ko, anu po bang dapat ko inuming gamot? kailangan ko ba ng vitamins? super stress na po ako, kc di ko po alam gagawin ko kc nasa ibang bansa ako. mag 2 months na po e2 nararamdaman.wala namn kc masyado sinasabi mga doctor na pinag konsultahan ko,

  12. Nico Ace Salas Reply

    Good afternoon po, can I just ask po if there are events po this coming December 2012 about Diabetes po? Events, whether Big or small po. Thank you very much, your response will be gladly appreciated

  13. Richard Wiulliams Reply

    I was diagnosed here in The Philippines in January of this year with type 2 diabetes. Earlier in the year I read of an experiment carried out by British Scientists in California where 11 subjects were put on an extreme diet of under 6oo calories a day for 8 weeks. After a week all their pancreases resumed producing insulin again and after 8 weeks none had any sign of diabetes though a year later 3 got it again, others still free. I wish to try this method but it does require medical supervision and at present I am not in a position to pay but offer a mutual exchange of medical supervision for research data.

  14. Pennie de Guzman Reply

    hi Roxan

    I just saw your question and i wish to share something with you if that is ok. as i have previously shared here (I have 3 friends who are now enjoying normal blood sugar levels after losing weight and i am just so excited for the changes in their lives), i have seen it and witnessed how these friends of mine have since enjoyed a more normal life unafraid of waking up every morning.

  15. leandro gonzales Reply

    six months ago all of the symptoms of diabetes appeared in me, my weight fell from 167 lbs to 150 lbs . I had my blood sugar checked it was 267. I made a diet program for myself and when i tried it on myself the results were: First week – 190 2nd wk – 130, 3rd wk – 105. Today i am now enjoying normal blood sugar. I never took a single pc of medicine because i believe if you depend so much on medicine you will have a slim chance of recovering from diabetes .

  16. JOHN GREEN Reply

    Hi i am an Australian who lives in Manila i have type 2
    diabetes i take both Lantus 75 units at night and novarapid 3-4 times aday I use a clickStar pen into which i put cartridges it has a glass selve into whichthe insulin isplaced Now this glass sleeveis broken at the bottom and i need to replace i went to both Merudrug and Watsons there have never heard of Click Star ,when i come back from Australia every 6 months i bring 6 months supply of insulin
    can you advise me where might get this in Manila or even a complete new Click Click star pen

    Your assistance would be appreciated


    john Green
    632 4378230

  17. 14/05/09

    Helo Mari:

    Napapatuyo naman ang Diabetic Gangrene pa mismo kung susubukan lamang at hindi naman ito kailangang putulin. Kung mabubuksan mo lamang ang website ko, makikita mo ang larawan ng Diabetic Gangrene ng isang opisyal ng isang religious organization na nagkaroon nito. Kinunan ng litrato ang bawat araw ng gamit ng probiotic product na ginamit at sa loob lamang ng ilang araw nag-umpisang matuyo ang Diabetes Gangrene. Hindi lamang isang beses ito naganap o nagawa kung hindi maraming beses na. Puwede mo ring buksan ang librong PROBIOTICS, THE MICROHEALER ni Rod G. Wells, Manila Philippines 2013 ISBN 9789719536604.

  18. pinky Reply

    hi mari, i want to share this testimomy, ganyan din un, nabubulok na pero di sya pinutulan ng paa, why? because of food supplement, iniinom sya at the same time sya rin ang ipinanglalangas sa sugat, now tuyo na sugat nya at di na sya pinutulan ng paa

  19. pinky Reply

    hello conrad concern lang ako, marami akong friends na may mga diabetes, i suggest na uminom ka ng food supplement, kc sial un lang ang ininom, ngaun okey na sila

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