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Philippine Diabetes Association

The Philippine Diabetes Association (PDA) is the prime mover of excellent diabetes care and prevention in the Philippines. Founded in 1958 by a group of internists and physicians who share the common passion to the care, protection and recuperation of the diabetic people, the Philippine Diabetes Association was conceptualized as a non profit and nongovernmental organization that will serve as the umbrella organization to unify all interests and entities in the Philippines related to diabetes. Thus, the organization will integrate all efforts from research, management to care of diabetes for a more holistic and synergized effort in fighting the disease. The organization has a twofold mission of improving the life of diabetic Filipinos and for preventing if not eliminating all together the occurrence of diabetes so that there will be less people to suffer from diabetes.

As a non profit nongovernmental organization whose mandate is solely rested on commitment, the values of the Philippine Diabetes Association is what primarily moves its members to implement and pursue its objectives. Its primary value is integrity, which defines the nobility of its purpose to pursue and conduct research with zeal for the sole objective of serving people with diabetes. At the heart of its activities is the commitment to excellence in which all works are done of passion which drives people to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills, adopt better technologies, and expand its network to improve services. As the umbrella organization, the value of cooperation is integral in the organization to successfully work for the common good. Finally, commitment pertains to the undying persistence to find a solutions to diabetes and finally eliminate the disease once and for all.

The Philippine Diabetes Association (PDA) is an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA), the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Philippine Diabetes Association is located at Unit 25, Facilities Center 548 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City, 1501 Tel. 531-1278 , 534-9559 Fax. 531-1278.

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