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Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation

Living by the great endocrinologist Dr. Elliot Joslin’s famous words and making these the basis for being, the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation (PCDEF) was born out of the desire to give more time to diabetes education out of the physician’s office.

With the firm belief that diabetes education is the cornersone of diabetes management, and following the example of other countries with established diabetes clinics, Dr. Litonjua, along with other diabetes advocates, created the PCDEF in October, 1990.

PCDEF was established with the primary purpose of providing an intensive education program on diabetes by establishing a Diabetes Center in Metro Manila. The first ever Diabetes Center in the country was established at the Makati Medical Center in July, 1984. The originators of PCDEF envisioned the Diabetes Center to be a place where they could train doctors, nurses, and nutritionistdietitians who would man the satellite educational clinics of the Foundation; create and develop educational materials on diabetes prevention and management; and supply all its satellite clinics with these educational materials.

According to Dr. Litonjua, the first diabetes clinic in Makati Medical Center is considered a first also in the sense that it caters not only to one physiciann but to others who treat diabetic patients. PCDEF advocates patient education through a team approach wherein a group of health care professionals work closely together with the patient. The team includes a doctor who acts as the coordinator and main decision maker, together with several other health professionals such as a dietitian, nurse educator, and social worker among others.

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