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Perk up with Taebo

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You are a certified fitness enthusiast. You religiously observe a personal exercise routine to keep your physical state in pristine condition. Despite your busy daily schedule, you abide by a goal-specific one to two hours workout.

From core strengthening, to upper and lower body conditioning, to interval cardio training, you have virtually mastered the art of applied personal fitness to say the least. Then it hits you. It is boring – it has become boring.

All of a sudden, what used to be an easy and relaxed practice of pumping iron, doing repetition and set completion now feels monotomous. You no longer feel motivated or driven to continue a seemingly perfect healthy lifestyle.

Going to the gym has become a burden – you drag your feet on your way to the weight room. The mere sight of benches and bars has become too dull and dreary. Your physical state has begun to suffer. Worse, you struggle to find a decent substitute to match your current fitness need.

With hope about to fade and as you are about to walk out of the gym, the group exercise room catches your attention. You seem to have found your answer!

You see high-adrenaline movements. There are kicking and punching, plus the use of terra bands and dumbbells. It looks very promising! This could be the saving grace from your impending physical meltdown. So let me give you a rundown of this electrifying and intense workout: TAEBO

Taebo is a type of aerobics exercise that combines the motions of martial arts Tae Kwon Do, karate, boxing and dance principles into a challenging program cued on pop music. It is specifically designed to promote fitness and movement and to increase cardiovascular, strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility.

Discovered by Billy Blanks, a seven-time world karate champion and former Golden Gloves champ, Tae bo is a portmanteau of Tae Kwon Do and Boxing. He then developed an acronym for the name: Total Awareness Excellence Body Obedience.

Taebo synchronizes punches, jabs, kicks, and leg movements in a series of eight-count sets. Coordination and balance are essential in performing this exercise.

Taebo is a high impact aerobic exercise that requires you to be “in shape”. It places a lot of strain on the body.
The American Council on Exercise (ACE) suggests that establishing a concrete fitness foundation is crucial before trying the exercise. A lot of people engage in Taebo and other dynamic exercises without knowing the risks involved.

Taebo is no different. Based on observations alone, you will be able to recognize the body’s hyper movements from head to toe.

In order to prevent injuries and over duress, consult a Taebo professional or watch a few videos yourself. After you have decided to give it a shot, start at your own pace so as to gradually prepare your muscles for a more strenuous and intense workout.

Taebo is undoubtedly a cardiovascular workout—an excellent one that is. Combined with the latest upbeat music, Taebo offers a completely revamped aerobics exercise.

It serves different people, with different purposes. For those who intend to lose weight, Taebo is very much recommended. Its calorie-burning efficiency is off the charts!

Compared to the calories you burn in a regular aerobics class (which would be around 300-400), you can flush 500-800 calories in a one-hour Taebo session. Talk about a serious bun-burner!

On the other hand, muscle builders can also rely on Taebo to keep those lean bodies in sharp form. There are new additions to the exercise that equip clients with bands and other fitness equipment to make Taebo more physically challenging.

And for the rest who simply would like to try something new, preserve their toned body shapes, or sustain a healthy lifestyle, Taebo fits the bill of a complete workout.

Now you have an equally satisfying, reliable, and effective substitute for your conventional tedious exercise regimen. For men who still think that exercising with music in the group room is for ladies and middle-aged women only, think again.

Strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and even flexibility are just a few skills you could develop and improve with Taebo. More importantly, you have rediscovered your passion of going to the gym and exercising. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned fitness aficionado, exercising would be more fun
and exciting with Taebo.

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