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Pechay Health Benefits

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Pechay, also known as bok choy or Chinese cabbage is a green, crunchy and leafy vegetable. This is usually added to a lot of Asian cuisine. The outer leaves of pechay, which are usually sturdy and fibrous, are usually added to soups and stews, while the inner leaves, which are tender can be eaten raw. The famous Korean dish, kimchi, is primarily made of pechay. Pechay is actually recommended to be eaten raw, for when it is heated and cooked, a lot of its nutritional values are lost.

Green, leafy vegetables are known to be beneficial to health, and so pechay is no different. Apart from the vitamins and minerals it contains, this fibrous vegetable is very popular among those people who attempt to achieve certain figure and maintain it. A cup of pechay only contains around thirteen calories and around 2.5 grams of carbohydrates. With this being said, a person can eat as much pechay as he or she wants without worrying about the calories and the carbohydrates that they gain. Furthermore, each serving of pechay also contains a significant amount of protein which is important for the body tissue repair, and also just the right amount of fat for the energy needed by the body.

Of course, the vitamins and minerals that this green, crunchy and leafy vegetable are the most important health benefits that it contains. It contains calcium, the mineral that is responsible for stronger bones. It also contains phosphorus, which is responsible for bone formation, excretion, digestion and hormonal balance. It also has potassium, the mineral which is responsible for muscle control, prevention of hypertension and the regulation of blood pressure. In a serving of pechay, one can also get an amount of vitamin A, which is helps in growth, production and vision improvement.

Iron is also found in pechay, which helps carrying the oxygen in the blood. Magnesium and zinc are also some of the nutrients that one can get from it, which is good for the body’s detoxification and helps the immune system fight infection, even cancer, respectively. Even vitamin C is present in pechay, which is promotes glowing skin, and also thiamin, vitamin A-6 and folate which are responsible for the well-functioning heart, muscles and nervous system.

Indeed there are a lot of health benefits that can be found in this green, leafy vegetable. Let’s make it a habit to eat healthy to live a healthy life.

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