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Pasta Fiesta

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Pasta dishes are normally avoided by diabetics for its high-carbohydrate content and sometimes, high-fat content sauces.  We want to give you other options for pasta meals using whole-wheat versions and low-fat sauces that are a joy to prepare and a bite to savor at leisure.  Just note that because it’s whole-wheat does not mean you can eat more.

When searching for whole-wheat foods, it is important to note that any products made with flour can have the same effect on blood sugar whether the flour is produced from whole grains or not.  For example, whole grain wheat bread and white bread can have the same glycemic index.  Grinding grains into flour increases the surface area upon which enzymes work to more quickly convert starch into glucose.  Keeping grains as close to their original form as possible slows or prevents the digestion of starch, and a slower digestion is responsible for preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Whole-wheat pastas are made from durum wheat.  Durum is the second-most widely cultivated wheat species.  The whole-wheat pastas tend to have higher protein content.  Whole-whet or higher-fiber pastas are more appealing when served with flavorful sauces or layered with sauce, cheese, vegetables, etc.

Whole-wheat pastas seem to lighten in color as they cook.  You may eat a little less pasta than you normally would.  the whole-wheat and higher-fiber pastas seem to be more satisfying.  Cooking time will vary based on the type of pasta being used so just follow package directions.

Groceries and supermarkets now offer different whole-wheat pasta variations from spaghetti, fettucine and penne.

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