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Pap Smear Procedure

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Pap smear, also known as Pap test is a procedure done to women wherein a sample of cells is taken from the cervix or vagina. This procedure is done to look for the changes in cells in the cervix or vagina which shows signs of cancer, or conditions that may result or develop into cancer. This is considered the best way to find out if a woman is in a precancerous stage, or if there are small, hidden cysts or tumors that may lead to cervical cancer. If these conditions are detected at an early stage, then cervical cancer can be cured, even prevented. Women are advised to undergo the Pap screen testing starting at the age of 21, while routine screening is suggested to women from 21-60 years of age. However, for women in ages 30-65, and their Pap tests are normal without positive HIV tests, Pap screen testing every five years would suffice.

Pap smear is done during a pelvic exam. The woman will lie down on the examination table and spreads open her legs. The doctor will then use a speculum, a device to widen the opening of the vagina so that both the vagina and the cervix can be examined. A plastic spatula and a brush will then be used to collect sample cells from the cervix. These sample cells are being placed in a solution, which will be taken in the laboratory for examination. The procedure itself is not painful, but it may be a bit comfortable. The results of you Pap screen testing generally takes at least a week to be available. If you haven’t received the results within two to three weeks, you can contact your doctor to follow-up on the results.

Different tests may need to be done depending upon the results of your Pap smear procedure. Pap test results can sometimes show sign of infections but cannot be generally relied on when it comes to STDs or sexually transmitted diseases, so other examinations may be necessary in order to check for the presence of STDs. For better Pap smear procedure results, you are advised to avoid having sexual intercourse, douching and vaginal cream for at least 48 hours before you schedule Pap screen testing.

Your health is very important and therefore you should take into consideration the steps on how to keep your health at bay. Undergoing various medical exams and procedures does not only make you aware of the signs of chronic illnesses at early stage, but it also gives you the chance to prevent and cure these diseases.

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