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Pancreas Transplant

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The pancreas is an organ of the body that has a size of a hand. The pancreas is behind the lower part of the stomach. The pancreas creates insulin and enzymes that support the body’s in digesting the food intake and the usage of it. All over the pancreas are clusters of cells called the islets of Langerhans, these are composed of many different cells that include the beta cells that are the maker of the insulin.

A pancreas cell transplant procedure is complicated compare to other transplant procedure, in this method the islets are taken from the pancreas of a lifeless person. In hits way the islets are purified, processed and transferred to another person’s body. Once implanted in the body, the beta cells in these islets begin to make and discharge insulin. Studies shows that the islet transplantation will help people with diabetes can live without the help of the injections of insulin.
Procedure of the pancreas cell transplant uses specific enzymes or purified enzymes called (collagenase) to eliminate islets from the pancreas of a deceased person. Sensitivity of the procedure especially the islets transplantation happens after they are detached from the body. Naturally, a patient may obtains at least 10,000 islets that is parallel to per kilogram of the body weight, extracted from two donor pancreas. The patient frequently needs two transplants to accomplish the insulin dependence. Other transplant of the pancreas islets have to use fewer islets that is equal from single donated pancreas.

The procedure of the transplant is frequently performed by the help of radiologists, it uses an x-ray and ultrasound to lead the placement of a catheter, and it is a small plastic tube-through the catheter into the liver. Anesthesia and sedative may be given for the patients for them not to feel the slight pain once inserted the tube. The surgeon of course may perform the transplant through a small incision that uses general anesthesia. After the successful transplant of the pancreas, the islets will begin to discharge insulin. But the full islets will function and the fresh blood vessels growth associated with the islets may take time. Follow up check -ups to the doctors will be given to the patients to check for the blood glucose levels. The insulin may given until the islets are all developed and working.

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