Gestational diabetes ups risk for type 2 diabetes

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One in four women who had gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) will go on to develop diabetes in 15 years, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Researchers examined data for 5,470 women with gestational diabetes and 783 women without gestational diabetes who were seen for postnatal follow-up between 1971 and 2003. » Continue Reading

Breastfed Babies less likely to be overweight

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Breastfeeding is still best for babies, and mothers too. Accord¬ing to researchers from the Har¬vard School of Public Health, breastfeeding is a mother’s best option in ensuring that her baby grows up healthy and far from obesity.
Researchers believe that breastfeeding is a possible key that could spare a child from ac¬quiring diabetes that runs in the family. With more than 15,000 subjects, both sexes with ages be¬tween 9 and 14, the study revealed that a breastfed infant has a less¬er chance of becoming overweight and obese when he gets older evenif his mother is overweight and/or diabetic.
According to chief researcher Dr. Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, breastfed babies are ‘taught’ natural eating habits early on. In contrast to formula feeding which is based on a schedule, breastfeeding allows mothers to conveniently attend to infants’ clamor for food. With breastfeeding, babies consume only the amount they need for the moment.
Dr. Davis was quoted as saying that the “substantial benefit to breastfeeding for all children is regardless of their mother’s
weight or health status.” Published in the latest issue of Diabetes Care journal, the study debunked previous researches which linked diabetic mothers to obesity and ‘poor glucose tolerance’ among children.

Breastfeeding is still best for babies, and mothers too. According to researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, breastfeeding is a mother’s best option in ensuring that her baby grows up healthy and far from obesity. » Continue Reading

Weight Gain between Pregnancies Risky

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Women who put on as little as seven pounds between pregnancies can put themselves and their babies at medical risk, suggests one study.
Researchers found that gaining weight between pregnancies – not during pregnancy itself – raised the risk of complications like diabetes and high blood pressure, and even stillbirth, during the second pregnancy. While pregnant women with existing diabetes or high blood pressure are at a higher risk of convulsions or organ damage, which in severe cases, can be fatal.
The study, reported in the British medical journal, The Lancet, provides evidence that overweight or obese women who plan to get pregnant should lose weight, while those with healthy weight should avoid getting extra weight before pregnancy.
Researchers examined records of more than 150,000 Swedishwomen who delivered two children between 1992 and 2001. They focused on body-mass index (BMI) calculations – a calculation from a person’s height and weight – and examined the difference between the women’s BMI at the beginning of two consecutive pregnancies.
One important finding was that the risk of complications increased even among women who did not end up overweight. Researchers further that developing diabetes is associated not only with those who are morbidly obese but even among those who register relatively small weight increases too.
In summary, the study says that a 1 or 2 BMI unit increase in weight ups the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy by up to 40 percent. If BMI rose by 3 or more units during the second pregnancy, the risk of a stillbirth also increases by 63 percent.

Women who put on as little as seven pounds between pregnancies can put themselves and their babies at medical risk, suggests one study. » Continue Reading

Intensive Diabetes Care Benefits Tots

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Children with type 1 diabetes are more likely to benefit from a more intensive management of the disease. It debunked previous studies which said the use of intensive insulin therapy has its hangups, one of which is significant weight gain.
Researchers reported in the Journal o f Pediatrics that young patients,who frequently monitored their blood sugar levels, those who injected new insulin formulations and those who were under insulin pump therapy have half the chance of suffering from hypoglycemia while it also lessens by 25 percent the patient’s chance of visiting the emergency room. The patients also improved control over their blood sugar levels.

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Adding Romance to Physical Activities

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Every year, February brings that distinct aroma of love and romance that we anticipate so much, especially for couples. It’s a season that’s definitely filled with flowers, balloons, teddy bears, chocolates, and cakes. These are just some of the usual ways we show our love and affection to our partners. Yes, February is a time of mushiness and emotions but you can also make it the month to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle. » Continue Reading

Chuck the stick and save your heart

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Quit smoking now and prevent further health risks. Not news for most but a recent study confirms the direct link of smoking cessation to the recovery of damaged arteries due to cigarettes. Although it may take more than a decade for the arteries to heal, Dr. Noor A. Jatoi of the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland pointed out that the adverse effects of smoking to the blood vessels are reversible. The findings supported studies showing that the risk of heart attack and stroke falls among smokers when they quit three to 20 years after, he said.

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Taming Anger

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Anger is a fact of life. Each of us, at some point experiences that feeling of irritation or rage for a certain individual or situation which harmed us or posed a threat to our well-being. If not managed well, anger may result in domestic abuse, road rage, workplace violence and addictions. Long term, it is linked to chronic headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and even heart attack. On the other hand, properly managed anger can lead to positive change. » Continue Reading

Diabetes Under the Knife

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Having diabetes alone can sometimes amp one’s stress and anxiety meter due to insulin shots here and there, often striking at any given time and place. Adding to the anxiety is the instance when one has to undergo a surgical procedure. To clear your blurry head of questions like “How long will it take for my wound to heal?” and “Will I be able to balance my blood sugar during operation?”, here are some pointers: » Continue Reading

POPTFN: Advocating a Healthy Lifestyle to Raise Healthy Kids

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Filipino children today live in an age where things are going instant and processed, at the same time, digital and virtual. Today’s commercialism has influenced kids to rather stay indoors, take fast-food meals, junk food and sodas while watching their favorite show on TV or play computer games. » Continue Reading

In The Arms of Miracles

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What is a miracle? How do you define it? Would you know one when you see one? Orestes Ignacio, 61, came face-to-face with one of the biggest miracles during his 58th year of existence. This is his story. » Continue Reading