Weight Lifting: Antidote to Old Age

December 22, 2019 Category :Fitness 0

It’s rare to see gray-haired exercisers in the gym. The majority of people who lift weights are young. Yet, according to several studies, it is people who are over fifty years old that need to lift weights the most.

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Virgin Coconut Oil good for Diabetics?

December 21, 2019 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

Question: “Is virgin coconut oil good for diabetics? Is it true that it can also prevent diabetes?”

Answer: Dietary supplements abound in the market today, many of them being promoted as a cure-all, a magic potion that can prevent and even treat many diseases. Unfortunately, many of these claims are based on anecdotal reports and testimonials, a few backed up by studies using animal subjects and even a much smaller number with actual human studies with small number of subjects. The regulation of these supplements is a tricky matter since these substances often only need to be registered but not necessarily approved before being marketed. That is why these supplements need to carry that important label “NO THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS”. Exactly because they did not undergo strict scrutiny for effectiveness and safety, THEY ARE NOT DRUGS AND SHOULD NOT REPLACE DRUGS. They may have certain uses and benefits, again not fully proven, and thus, they can only supplement.

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Ampalaya Supplements for Diabetics

December 20, 2019 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Question: “Is it ok for diabetics to take ampalaya supplements?”

Answer: Although we cannot deny that a lot of our modern medicines today came from plant extracts (like penicillin, digoxin, etc); it is very important to understand how much research it takes before a particular medicine can be recommended to have beneficial effects for people. Before any medicine or supplement can be recommended for treating diabetes, it should be tested several times in the laboratory, and in trials involving both healthy and sick subjects. The substance’s effects, safety, tolerability and toxicity are compared to “placebo” (ordinary coated sugar pill) as well as to medicines that are already approved for use against diabetes. So far, ampalaya supplements available in the market have not been studied extensively to demonstrate their efficacy and safety.

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Putrajaya: A Window into Malaysia’s Future

December 19, 2019 Category :People and Places 0

I have traveled thrice to the neighboring country of Malaysia, a land that I have truly grown to admire. To many Westerners, Malaysia has historically represented the exotic and the enigmatic. Yet Malaysia is also a country that is vigorously aiming to become a fully developed nation by the year 2020, and no other city could more finely illustrate the country’s prosperous and industrious future than the administrative capital of Putrajaya.

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Prague: Never A Drag

December 18, 2019 Category :People and Places 0

Prague, or Praha to locals, is a city one can easily fall in love with. Here for a symposium on combination antihypertensive therapy, our group of cardiologists readily made this conclusion after staying in this European capital for less than 72 hours. Evidently, Prague still managed to create an impact that would surely last for a long time.

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Entering the Twilight Zone

December 17, 2019 Category :Retirement Tips 0

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of meeting a long lost friend. He is already in his mid-40s.”I am now married,” he told me. “I have two children and one is going to graduate next year. I feel very old now.”¬†On the contrary, my father is in his late 60s now. But he never considers himself old.”‘ am still young” he said.”It’s as if only yesterday that I married your mother and you came along.”

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ADA Food Guideline debunks One Size Fits All Diet Mindset

December 16, 2019 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

With the development of its first food guideline, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) warned patients from subscribing to extreme fad diets, reiterating the fact that there’s no “one size fits all” approach in meal planning, especially among diabetics.

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Not-Too-Sweet Facts of Sugar-Laden Cereals

December 15, 2019 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Popular breakfast cereals in colorful boxes with jolly cartoon characters should rather stay in kitchen shelves. According to a recent survey, kids’ favorite breakfast is not as healthy as its manufacturers claim to be.

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Mind your Carpal Tunnel

December 14, 2019 Category :Diabetes Research 0

If your hands, fingers and forearm feel numb and hurt, you may be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, researchers at King’s College, London think you may have diabetes.

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The Truth about Honey

December 13, 2019 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Diabetics need not worry which kind of honey is most suitable for their condition. According to a recent study, there’s no difference between buckwheat honey and cotton honey, or clover honey and tupelo honey in terms of glycemic index (a measure of how much and how fast a food raises blood sugar levels).

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