Best Type of Cardio Exercise

July 2, 2021 Category :Fitness 0

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise should be part of every diabetic’s weekly routine to lower the reisk of heart disease and help control blood sugar levels.  What type of carido exercise is the best? » Continue Reading

Cord Blood May Help Prevent Diabetes

July 1, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy News 0

Scientists at the University of Florida have found that blood umbilical cord might safely preserve insulin in children newly diagnosed with type I diabetes, and this may be a new potential remedy for the disease. Results of the study were presented during the 67`h Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Michael Haller and his team at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine successfully transfused Il children with type I diabetes with stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood. Three more children are scheduled to undergo this test. » Continue Reading

Know your ABCs of Diabetes

June 30, 2021 Category :Diabetes Facts| Diabetes Research 0

If someone asks you to rate your familiarity with ABCs from one to 10, you will probably say 10. However, this does not pertain to the typical alphabet you learned in pre-school. Knowing this set of ABCs is even more beneficial and could actually save the lives of most diabetics. The ABCs of diabetes refer to hemoglobin A1C, Blood pressure and Cholesterol. » Continue Reading

Lower Death Rates for Diabetic Men

June 29, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy News 0

Surprising news was released by 3 large US databases. For 29 years, from 1971 to 2000, the death rate of men with diabetes has dropped significantly. Unfortunately for women, the figures showed no difference. However, studies between the disparity in the death rates of men and women never stated the reason behind it. Researchers say that the improvements seen in men suggest that the improvements in diabetes care are working on longevity as well. However, they note that the finding in women is concerning and means that there is still a need to explore whether different approaches are needed to improve health outcomes for women with diabetes. » Continue Reading

Oral Diabetic Medications

June 28, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy News 0

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a blood sugar disorder due to a relative lack of insulin or the lack of insulin effectiveness, also known as insulin resistance, or both. Insulin is the hormone that lowers blood sugar. Patients with type 2 diabetes often respond well to oral medications, especially early in the disease process, unlike those with type 1 diabetes. As the disease progresses, the oral agents may become less and less effective and at some point the patient may require insulin therapy (injections). It is also possible to start treatment with insulin even in type 2 diabetes. » Continue Reading

High Triglycerides and Diabetes

June 27, 2021 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

I’m a 55-year-old male with diabetes. My blood sugars are okay but my triglycerides are high (340 mg/d.L). Is this a bad thing, and if so, what can I do about it? » Continue Reading

Avoiding Coffee for Diabetics?

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I have diabetes and a heart condition. Is it I true that I should avoid coffee? » Continue Reading

Billiards and Diabetes

June 25, 2021 Category :Fitness| Healthy News 0

If diabetes is billiards, Rudy Lipata, 54, would win the game over and over again. Rudy, a billiards aficionado has had type 2 diabetes for 14 years now. Billiards for him has been a form of exercise that he says helps him control his diabetes. As in billiards, where players use their skill in “placing” – either hitting the ball so that it’s in the right place for their next move or making their opponents miss the ball for their turn, Rudy thinks of regular exercise as a “placing” method when it comes to diabetes. » Continue Reading

Diabetes Specialists Unite for Diabetes

June 24, 2021 Category :Healthy News 0

Following the passage of the United Nations Resolution 61/225, which formally designates November 14 as World Diabetes Day, the Philippine Diabetes Association, the Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc., and the Diabetes Center, Philippines thought it fit to hold the Unite For Diabetes Convention to address the growing concern for this disease in the Philippines. » Continue Reading

Yummy Sugar-Free Munchies

June 23, 2021 Category :Healthy News| Healthy Recipes 0

Three o’clock in the afternoon is almost sacred for us Filipinos. Merienda time is definitely something one cannot miss out on. Light snacks one can nibble on at the workstation are quite common. Biscuits, wafers and cookies are favorites – easy to stow away in drawers and easy to chew on. I scoured the food stalls in malls and groceries for sugar-free cookies to satisfy your cravings – goodies that will have you worrying less about raising your blood sugar levels. As with most things in life, moderation is the key. These products may be low in sugar but may still contain calories from fat and protein. » Continue Reading