Roasted Vegetables in Whole Wheat Bread

March 26, 2020 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Consider that vvegetables release their innermost flavors when slightly cooked, Chef Junjun shares this recipe of roasted vegetables partnered with whole wheat bread. He explains that the term “roasted” may trick you at the onset since it may imply a taxing effort, but, he says “you can just put it in the pan grill just to release the water from the vegetables.”

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Chicharon and Diabetes

March 25, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy Advocacy 0

Pork rinds, pork scratching, pork cracklings, cuerito or also famously known as chicharon in the Philippines is a snack made by frying the dried skin (rind) and fat of a pork or pig. Incidentally, the local term chicharon was originally from Spain because it was the Spaniards who introduced chicharon in the country.

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Debunking Diet Fads

March 24, 2020 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

It has been yet another year where we witnessed the spawn of professional dieters. I the US alone, an estimated 80 million people experiment on diets every year. That number is absurd.

But come on, give them a break. After enduring the countless proportion-slashing, meal-avoiding, and meal-fasting habit, these guys deserve all the respect and the acclamation.

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ISDF Philippines

March 23, 2020 Category :Healthy Advocacy 1

The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation (ISDF) is a non profit non stock corporation established to campaign, provide, and disseminate information about diabetes including latest discoveries, breakthroughs, trends and activities to its members, medical practitioners and the general society. This is prompted by the mission to empower healthcare professionals the ability to deliver exceptional and compassionate diabetes care to everyone from the patients, their relatives and acquaintances and the general community.

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Filipino Celebrities with Diabetes

March 22, 2020 Category :Healthy Advocacy| People and Places 0

According to studies, half a million Filipinos are suffering diabetes and another five million is at risk in contracting the disease. The occurrence of diabetes is so prevalent in the Philippines and it does not discriminate who it will strike. Even many famous Filipino personalities are victims of this deadly disease.

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Tilapia good for diabetics?

March 21, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 0

The answer whether tilapia is good or bad for diabetes is yes and no. Tilapia is a fresh water fish that is a popular menu in the Philippines especially over the grill during picnics and swimming trips. Tilapia is good because it has no carbohydrates, which means it will not a direct impact on a diabetics blood sugar level. As a fish, it is rich in fiber compared to red meat, which is helpful for diabetics in reducing the risk of arterial hypertension.

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Diabetes Weak Legs

March 20, 2020 Category :Diabetes Facts| Healthy Advocacy 0

The weakening of legs refers to the decrease in the power and ability of a person to move one’s legs, which can be attributed to the either the declining power of the muscles to contract or the failing of nerves signals from the brain to command the muscle to contract. In which case, any interruption of nerve signals from the brain to the limb results to leg weakness. In the case of diabetic patients, the weakening of the legs is caused by the latter or nerve damage called proximal neuropathy, which poses the risk of disability.

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How to use Humapen Ergo II?

March 19, 2020 Category :Diabetes Facts 1

Also known as the ergonomic pen, the Humapen Ergo II is insulin delivery device created by Eli Lilly for the convenient self administration of insulin by diabetic patients. It looks like a pen with a push, twist and lock cartridge holder that allows users to conveniently inject insulin, read and correct dosages easily and change cartridges in a fast and simple way. The device allows users to inject I to 60 units of Humulin from a 3 ML cartridge.

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Urticaria in Diabetics

March 18, 2020 Category :Health Watch 0

Allergy is a condition of hypersensitivity in certain people. Persons with allergies react to substances that are usually harmless to most individuals.

Examples of these substances are foods, medications, and chemicals (fragrances, dyes, and detergents). The symptoms of an allergic reaction will depend on where it takes place. If it occurs in the nose, it may cause sneezing and running of the nose, giving rise to hay fever. In the air passages it may cause wheezing, coughing, and difficulty in breathing, as in asthma. In the skin, it may produce itching spots, red rashes, swelling of the skin called hives or welts (urticaria), and swelling of the face (angioedema). In severe cases generalized allergic reaction may lead to shock (anaphylactic shock).

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Combating the Obesity Crisis

March 17, 2020 Category :Fitness| Health Watch 0

Obesity is a medical condition of having too much body fat to the extent that it can cause physical and psychological damage to a person. Because of the prevalence of obesity in the world, it has been described as an epidemic or crisis that affects millions of people that collectively affects the wellbeing of modern society in general.

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