Healthy Food Options

August 4, 2010 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Here’s a list of delicious and healthier options to satisfy your comfort food cravings:

Grilled Banana w/ yoghurt: Place a peeled banana on a piece of foil. Sprinkle some vanilla essence and a teaspoon of granulated fructose. Grill for five minutes and serve with yoghurt. Add freshly crushed cardamom seeds before grilling, if you like. This fruit sugar has a much lower GI than sugar. The warmth of the spices and vanilla, with the slow-release energy from the bananas, makes a comforting snack of pudding for only 150 calories. » Continue Reading

Spa for the Soul

August 3, 2010 Category :People and Places 0

For most people riddled by conflicting relationships, by demanding superiors or officemates, by uncouth and rude children, and by everyday stresses, there seems to be no end to the problems of daily life. Worse, the tracts of anxiety, worry, depression and despair seem to be not far behind. But heed and take heart because there is hope in hopelessness.

The fact is there is a way out. A happy way out. Relaxing the Mind and Spirit Healing and restoration is required not just by the physical body burdened by the gripping realities of life but by the mind and spirit as well. » Continue Reading

A Dose of Prayer in Diabetes Management

August 2, 2010 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

In a Christian country such as the Philippines, prayer has become a part of many Filipino’s lives.  Whether it is for thanksgiving, forgiveness, or healing, prayer is a tool that many a suffering soul uses to cope with whatever hardships are encountered.

» Continue Reading

Should Children be Allowed Soft Drinks?

August 1, 2010 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

On televisions across the globe, soft drink commercials are plainly made to be irresistible. Yes, it is refreshing. Yes, it is thirst-quenching. Yes, it is tempting! What makes these television ads more inviting is that they don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcome to grab a can — whatever the gender, status, or age. Even children are encouraged to drink soft drinks, anytime, anywhere. » Continue Reading