Lowering fat intake may reduce Diabetes

February 24, 2012 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Little adjustments in diet even without weight loss can notably affect risk for diabetes, according to a research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The study included 69 healthy, overweight people who did not have diabetes but were at risk for it, and placed them for diets with modest reductions in either fat or carbohydrate for eight weeks.

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Hope for Diabetes Cure

February 23, 2012 Category :Diabetes Research 0

It is widely regarded that diabetes is an incurable disease but that hasn’t stopped doctors from seeking out a cure for it. In that regard, the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey in collaboration with one of the world’s leading researchers for diabetes recently announced that they are optimistic about a breakthrough procedure they discovered that can possibly cure diabetes.

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Sleep Debt Facts

February 22, 2012 Category :Health Watch 0

Have you ever heard of sleep debt? People need enough restorative sleep – nightly to, feel rested and refreshed. Recurrent sleep deprivation over time results in sleep debt. And if this debt isn’t paid, the cost to one’s health is ginormous.

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Dental Care for Diabetic Children

February 21, 2012 Category :Diabetes Research| Healthy Advocacy 0

Diabetes is a chronic condition that has multiple repercussions on an individual’s health and well-being. Nowhere is this more evident than in a child. Children with diabetes will usually fall under type 1 diabetes mellitus, previously called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. This disease dramatically alters not only their way of life, self-image and body chemistry, but oral environment as well.

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