Stem Cell Treatment may end Insulin Injections

November 10, 2011 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found a way to treat diabetes without the need for painful insulin injections and even other medications.

Stem cell treatment begins by drawing blood from a diabetes patient and the stem cells in the blood can be processed chemically to become insulin producers. Such formulated blood is now re¬injected to the patient. According to Burk, such approach does not experience the usual dilemma of transplant rejection.

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Laughter Deters Heart Risk for Diabetics

November 9, 2011 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Indeed, laughter is proven to be the best medicine. A California study authored by Lee Berk, DrPH, MPH, of Loma Linda University and Stanley Tan, MD, PhD, of Oak Crest Health Research Institute showed laughter may have serious heart benefits for people with diabetes.

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Retirement Paradise

November 8, 2011 Category :Retirement Tips 0

Today, most people view retirement as a new beginning, a new phase of life, an opportunity to reinvent one’s self. It’s a time to explore things in new heights.

“After getting what you want, you must enjoy what you got,” shares Mr. Reynaldo Lingat, OIC-General Manager of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). Retirement is your hard-earned vacation, so enjoy every day of it and discover more about life and your environment.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction common among Type 1 Diabetics

November 8, 2011 Category :Diabetes Research 0

A study of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) and the Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (EDIC) reflected that sexual dysfunction is prevalent in women with type 1 diabetes and that the said condition affects almost all aspects of sexual function and satisfaction.

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