Mrs. Pure Energy

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She used to dislike Yoko Ono. She was one of the many who thought that the Japanese girl was not good enough for the British pop star John Lennon. When she married one of the biggest names in the music industry, she realized how Yoko felt. She got exposed to the life of a pop star – constant media attention, fans who wanted a piece of her husband and who were not eager to share their idol with her. Such is the life of Angeli, wife of Gary Valenciano. For more than two decades, Angeli has taken care of Gary personally and professionally and it sure looks like she is doing a very, very good job. » Continue Reading

Fatty Liver in Diabetics may predict Heart Disease

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Type 2 diabetics with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (liver disease not attributable to alcohol abuse) have a “moderately increased” risk of developing cardiovascular disease. » Continue Reading

Diabetes increases Colon Cancer Risk

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It has long been known that people with diabetes are at a higher risk for heart disease, kidney failure, and other complications like eye and foot problems. Now, a new study finds that those with diabetes are also more prone to develop colon cancer. » Continue Reading

Women and Diabetes

December 16, 2017 Category :Diabetes Research 0

If diabetes were a gender issue, then women should fight for gender equality. Why? Because women are at a losing end when it comes to diabetes and its many complications compared to men. For one, diabetes causes more complications in women than in men, some of which are unique to women. Being diabetic makes a woman prone to complications in pregnancy, reproduction, and the heart. Uncontrolled blood sugars in diabetic women may also cause increased yeast infections, bladder infections, vaginal dryness, and inability to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. » Continue Reading