Banoffee Pie for Diabetics

October 23, 2013 Category :General Wellness| Healthy Recipes 0

Banoffee, banoffi, or banoffy pie is a popular dessert pie originally from England made from bananas, toffee and cream from boiled condensed milk (of leche flan) placed on a pastry or crumbled biscuits and butter. Accordingly, it was invented by Ian Dowding, a chef at The Hungry Monk restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex in 1972. It was inspired by the American dessert “Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie”.

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Bubbling Urine Diabetes

October 21, 2013 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

Bubbles in one’s urine have many causes and is an early indication of possible diabetes especially for adults who does not normally have urine bubbles. Bubbles in urine can be normal and abnormal depending on the circumstances of a person. For instance, bubbles will normally form in urine because of urine’s mixture with the cleaning chemical agents in the toilet. This can be a deadly symptom of a disease for instance when for instance it is accompanied by frequent urinating which is not normal for a person.

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Renal Diet for Diabetics

October 12, 2013 Category :Diabetes Research| Health Watch 0

One of the deadliest and most common complications of diabetes is diabetic nephropathy which pertains to the dysfunction of the kidney due to the stress caused by diabetes. This would later evolve to renal failure where the patient would need to under regular dialysis in order to cleanse the blood from impurities and toxins. Because of this, a diet that is especially helpful for the kidney is important for diabetic patients.

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Chelation Therapy for Diabetes

October 10, 2013 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Chelation Therapy is a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive treatment for the restoration of blood flow for the elimination of toxins and heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury cadmium and iron) from the body. These toxins are often related to hypertension. The procedure involves a simple intravenous infusion of Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid (EDTA), and other vitamins and minerals at prescribed dosages. The EDTA solution is allowed to circulate through the blood stream thereby treating the whole arterial system and regulate the distribution of required metallic elements. It also enhances the metabolism of calcium and cholesterol by eradicating metallic catalysts that damages cell membranes and facilitate the production of oxygen free radicals, which contributes in managing atherosclerosis, cancer, and lately even diabetes.

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