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Oral Insulin Spray show good Metabolic Control

Early results of an ongoing study show that replacing just one daily injection of regular insulin with Generex Oral-lyn – the oral insulin spray introduced in the market abroad last year – significantly improves metabolic control in the same manner as intensively monitored standard therapy.

The three-month results of a six-month clinical trial involving 24 adolescents and 5 young adult patients with type 1 diabetes demonstrate that replacing the lunch-time dose of regular insulin with Oral-lyn significantly improves metabolic control. Improved values of the Daily Glucose Profiles and Fructosamine of patients were noted, as well as significant improvement in Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels. Using the oral insulin spray was also associated with 100 percent compliance to insulin treatment.

The results prompted the study investigators and the manufacturers GenerexPharmabrand to design studies involving a larger number of type 1 diabetics and replacing the three mealtime doses of regular insulin with the Generex Orallyn spray on patients maintained on once-daily insulin therapy.

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