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Not-Too-Sweet Facts of Sugar-Laden Cereals

Popular breakfast cereals in colorful boxes with jolly cartoon characters should rather stay in kitchen shelves. According to a recent survey, kids’ favorite breakfast is not as healthy as its manufacturers claim to be.

The Canada-based survey, conducted by CTV News and the Globe and Mail, investigated the sugar content in kiddie cereals and its link to child obesity and diabetes in the country. At present, one fourth of the child population in Canada is composed of the obese and overweight.

The survey revealed that most breakfast cereals contain at least 20 grams of sugar, almost the sameas the sugar content of chocolate and candy bars. A 50-gram serving size of Froot Loops, for instance, is packed with 22.5 grams of sugar. Nestle Nesquick and Sugar Crisp cereals are also loaded with whopping 23.3 and 26.6 grams of sugar, respectively.

Dietitians are concerned that most cereals, marketed as healthier options for breakfast, contain as much sugar as chocolate bars. Normally, children consume more than a bowl of cereal and mothers don’t mind since it’s “healthy” anyway. Since a mother wouldn’t normally offer her child chocolates for the first and most important meal of the day, she should alsothink twice about serving sugar-packed cereals.

There’s a sharp contrast between sugar-laden cereals, which are detrimental to health as it causes hormonal imbalance and obesity, and oatmeal for breakfast. A parallel study done by Tufts University psychologists revealed that children who eat oatmeal for breakfast perform no-ticeably well in geography, math and art.

Health experts believe that cereal company makers are to be blamed for spreading misleading information about their products through ingenious marketing schemes aimed at enticing children and convincing mothers.

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