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New Genes tied to Puberty and Body Fat in Females

Recent studies showed the discovery of 30 genes that control the timing of puberty and body weight regulation in females.

In a study done by international researchers to females from Australia, Europe and the United States, they identified 30 new genes and suggestive evidence for another 10 genes. These new genes include four that have previously been associated with body mass index, three that is connected to the metabolism, and another three for hormone regulation.

Senior author Dr. Joanne Murabito of the Boston University School of Medicine states that the new genes that they discovered are all associated with complex range of biological processes. She also adds that “Several of the genes for menarche have been associated with body weight and obesity in other studies suggesting some women may have a genetic susceptibility to weight gain and early puberty.” However, these genetic factors can still be modified with lifestyle changes, Dr. Murabito stresses, adding that “Efforts to reduce or prevent childhood obesity should in turn help reduce the early onset of puberty in girls.”.

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