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Nano Tattoo and Diabetes

Posted on November 19, 2020 | No Comments on Nano Tattoo and Diabetes

Nano Tattoo is a special tattoo created for diabetics patients designed to eradicate the need to regularly check blood sugar levels by pricking fingers and getting blood samples. Instead of getting blood samples to check blood sugar, the nano tattoos which are actually invisible will appear or shine to signal high blood sugar levels of the person. However, one needs an ultraviolet light to make the tattoo visible or to check if the one has high blood sugar. At the moment, there are devices or gadgets that a diabetic person with a nano tattoo should constantly wear, which will provide the ultra violet. However, there are also studies if the same can be provided by a converted IPhone. However, this is still unavailable because researchers are still working on the program which can help do the evaluation.

The Nano Tattoo was developed by Heather Clark of the pharmaceutical sciences in Northeastern University’s Bouve College of Health Sciences in Boston. It uses special nanoparticle ink or pigment which contains sensor molecules that reacts with sodium or glucose, which create “biomarkers”. When exposed to an ultraviolet light, these biomarkers shine and the tattoo appears.

Aside from measuring blood-sugar levels, this technology can also be used for measuring the sodium level as well as for monitoring renal function during surgical operations.

At the moment, the use and commercialization of nano tattoos is something that diabetic people can look forward to as it can potentially eliminate the need to prick fingers to monitor one’s blood sugar.

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