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Modest Rise in Diabetes Linked to Too Much Fruit Juice

According to a study done by the Nurses’ Health Study, women should start eating green leafy vegetables and whole fruits and stay away from fruit juices if they want to stay diabetes-free.

Some 71,346 women who were enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study were shown to have a decreased risk of developing diabetes over an 1 8-year period if they ate an additional three servings of whole fruit daily, or one more serving of spinach, kale or similar leafy green vegetables.

The participants were divided into five groups based on fruit and vegetable intake, and on fruit juice consumption. After analyzing data of the diets of the women participants-4,529 of whom developed type 2 diabetes during the study period-it was found that an increase of three servings of whole fruit lowered the risk of diabetes by 18 percent, while an additional serving of green leafy vegetables cut the risk by nine percent. However, an additional serving of fruit juice a day increased the risk of developing diabetes by 18 percent.

“Caution should be observed in replacing some beverages with fruit juices in an effort to provide healthier options. The same caution applies to the recommendation that 100 percent fruit juice be considered a serving of fruit as it is in the present national dietary guidelines,” according to the team of researchers.

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