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MMC Diabetes Care Center

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Founded in 1984, the Makati Medical Center Diabetes Care Center or MMC Diabetes Care Center, is the first diabetes educational clinic in Asia to help people with diabetes live fuller lives.

The MMC Diabetes Care Center was conceptualized amidst the growing diabetic population in the Philippines. Inspired by Dr. Joslin’s principle that in diabetes “he who knows the most lives the longest” Dr. Augusto D. Litonjua, opened the first diabetes education clinic in coordination with Dr. Raul G. Fores who provided the home of the clinic in Makati Medical Center. The Diabetes Education Clinic Staff, Ms. Susan Trinidad R.N., Ms Victoria Santiago,R.N., and Ms. Imelda Cardino R.N.D., were the first diabetes educators in the Philippines which focused on diabetes foot and wound care, nutrition counselling, insulin pump installation, computerized glucose monitoring record, and ankle brachial index measurement. Through the years, the clinic expanded its program to provide not just education but total diabetes care providing access to diabetes care products.

MMC Diabetes Care Center offers different education modules at an affordable cost. Among the modular programs included the Nature and Complications of Diabetes, Prevention of Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and Special Situations (AIDS and Diabetes, Diabetes and Elderly Diabetes Myths, Infection in the Diabetics, Psychotic Disorder and Diabetes and Smoking and Diabetes, among others.) The center also offers medical nutrition therapy modules such as Calculated Diet, Renal Diet, Carbohydrate Counting, Meal Planning Using Glycemic Index and Diet Guides (e.g. Guide on Alternative Snacks and Drinks for 30 minutes, Guide on Eating Out and Buffet Table Tips for 45 -60 minutes and Guide on Sugar Substitutes for 15 minutes, etc.) For its insulin and blood glucose monitoring modules, the clinic has the following subjects: Insulin Administration, Adjustment of Doses, Supplemental Doses, Insulin Pump Administration and Self-Blood Glucose Monitoring. Finally for foot care modules, it has Foot Care, Ankle-Brachial Index Test and Foot Treatment.

Group (a minimum of 8 patients) and individual classes are available. The MMC Diabetes Care Center is located at 1st Floor Tower 2 Makati Medical Center No. 2 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines 1229 with telephone Call 8888.999 locals 3103-3104 or direct line at 888. 8986.

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  1. Michael O'Meara Reply


    I have had IDDM for 53 years and have not suffered from any debilitating complications.

    Are you aware of the recent research finding published by the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical Center: they identified a subset of type 1 diabetics who are still producing some insulin in their pancreases. This subset has lived with type 1 diabetes for several decades and escaped the debilitating complications of diabetes. Dr. Weir is the Center’s Director.

    I retired to the Philippines last October with my wife. I think that I might be a fortunate member of this subset of diabetics. I want to have the same tests done that were used to identify members of this subset, but need to know the names of these tests so that I can make a request of my doctor that they be done.

    Accordingly, I thought that your organization might be interested, willing and able to obtain this information. If so, I will be willing to meet any necessary requirements to obtain this information.

    I am hoping that you will assist me with my effort to learn more about the nature of my diabetes and increase my ability to care for myself. I shall look forward to your reply.


    Michael O’Meara

    I have written Joslin’s Research Department twice over the past 3 weeks requesting the names of the tests they conducted to identify these members, but have received no reply. I expect that they are either unwilling to share the information with just anyone making a request from another country, or

    I would be most appreciative if you were able to contact Dr. Weir to request this information. I expect that you will want to meet with me prior to making any inquiry and/or sharing the information.

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