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Mint Good for Diabetics

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Mint tea (peppermint, usually) is made by boiling infusing peppermint leaves in boiling water. The mint infusion depleting spearmint and peppermint together is recognized as double mint tea. Peppermint is an herb native to Europe and Asia, but it is now grown all around the world. It is usually used as flavoring in various food like chewing gums, candies as well as toothpaste.

Furthermore, peppermint is also a useful herbal medicine, specifically for digestive and skin problems. It is said that it can help the diabetics relieve their symptoms of indigestion, bloating and nerve complications. Peppermint supplements are available as teas, capsules, oils, ointments and tinctures. However, if you have diabetes, you must speak with your healthcare provider if you consider using peppermint as remedy.

Mint and Diabetes
It has been said that peppermint tea has menthol, which is known to be helpful in lowering blood glucose levels. However, patients who are currently taking medications for controlling diabetes should avoid drinking peppermint on a regular basis, and even under any circumstances. This is because peppermint tea can most likely interfere with the medicines taken, and can cause the blood sugar levels to decrease to dangerous levels leading to hypoglycemia. A doctor would be able to manage diabetics regarding their consumption of peppermint tea regularly.

Improved Digestion
Conferring with American Physiological Reviews, both the metabolism of sugars and fats are damaged in diabetes. Patients with diabetes have trouble digesting fats, and therefore, indigestion and stomach pain are symptoms that are usual. Peppermint may be helpful in patients with diabetics in this case, because it helps improve the flow of bile, especially when fatty meals are eaten, and thus helps in digestion.

Gatroparesis is also common in patients with diabetes, as there are times when their gut motility is slow. As an effect, the food that was taken stays longer in the stomach, undergoes fermentation and triggers bacterial overgrowth. Fermented food and intestinal bacteria are the said reasons for excessive gas, demonstrated by bloating, flatulence and some abdominal cramps. Drinking peppermint tea can relieve these symptoms.

Although peppermint has been said to have the ability to lower blood glucose, it is not advisable for diabetics to drink peppermint tea on a regular basis. It can only be done under strict supervision of a doctor or a healthcare professional. It has been found that peppermint can counter against the regular medications taken for diabetes control.

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