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Milk for Diabetics in Philippines

A diabetic can generally drink at least two three servings of milk but it needs to be low fat. Milk is generally consider a healthy source of calcium and protein which is needed by diabetics. However, it must be stressed that the milk should be low fat because Cow’s milk and other dairy products or food derivatives of milk such as cheese and yogurt has a huge amount of lactose. Lactose is the milk sugar, which provides milk its sweet taste and comprises about 40% of a cow’s milk calories.

The lactose content of the milk therefore directly contributes in raising the blood sugar or glucose levels of a diabetic person. Although lactose has a low glycemic index, it is still converted into glucose in the end and is therefore dangerous for diabetics if taken in large amounts. Some diabetes experts even advise their patients to refrain or avoid drinking milk and dairy products all together because the fat in the milk can affect risk of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

An alternative to cow’s milk which does not have the lactose content as well as saturated fats and cholesterol that animal milk have is soy milk and almond milk. Soy milk contains healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids which help in lowering cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Thus, diabetics can instead drink soy milk to get the health benefits of milk without the danger of lactose, which can raise blood sugar. Almond milk is the other alternative which allows diabetics to get protein, healthy fats and calcium without the risk of lactose. Infact, some studies even suggest that drinking almond milk can help reduce insulin secretion. Thus, almond milk not only acts as a source of healthy nutrients but can in fact even help one in managing diabetes.

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