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Medtek is a rapidly expanding company situated in the heart of Parañaque. It is founded in 2003 as a diagnostic company. The company produces Point of Care, Rapid and Automation diagnostic kits and machines which are of world class standard and consistency from top national manufacturers by means of a massive distribution network all throughout the country. Medtek takes delight in the competence of its product to provide accurate medical results more promptly compared to conventional diagnostic testing. Through improved and more patient-friendly healthcare is the result of every remarkable product, MEDTEK delivers the challenging need to improve the quality of life by means of prompt medical care sustained by leading diagnostic and biotechnology firms across the globe. this is the constant commitment of the company towards every Filipino patient.

Agitated by both economic and political crisis, the availability of quality healthcare has been the usual problem in the country. Insufficient allocation and support from the government when it comes to healthcare hinders the quality healthcare to be accessible to the less fortunate, especially to those outside Metro Manila. With such provided situation, MEDTEK take in 3 strategic core values to address these issues.

1) Commitment to Care – MEDTEK is committed to provide assistance to their clients to become more valuable when it comes to patient management through offering various services like Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs), Point of Care testing (POCt) and quicker completion time of automation machines to the patients.

2) Excellence Through Teamwork – MEDTEK have employed a pool of exceptionally talented individuals who are also dynamic and operate within a wide ranging network across the Philippine archipelago to provide the company’s products with integrity to the patients.

3) Continuous Learning – the quality of products by MEDTEK, which it refuses to compromise determinedly, is the trademark of the company’s dedication for the Filipino patients. As the company is in the continuous process of learning, it has designed systems for maintained research and product testing.

MEDTEK is a company recognized as the top of the mind reliable world class distributor of exceptional diagnostic products. The company aims to offer people with the most reliable, operational and swift medical diagnostic products while maintaining their exceptional quality. These are worked with the most innovative technologies fitted to address the clients’ needs which is also offered at a reasonable cost to the clients.

MEDTEK intends for economic progress, worldwide recognition and efficiency in its daily work.

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