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Managing Weight, Maintaining Health

In this age of junk food and sedentary lifestyles, the need for proper weight management has never been more apparent. Many people are aware of the associated risks of obesity, but as much as they would want to start living a healthy lifestyle, they do not know how to start or do not have the means and facilities to do so.

Being at the forefront of healthcare and wellness in the Philippines, our top hospitals have created dedicated facilities for proper weight management programs that will not just help patients lose weight but also train them on proper lifestyle habits for maintaining a healthy weight.

Among these hospitals is the St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC). Dr. Roberto Mirasol, an endocrinologist and the Director of its Weight Management Center in Quezon City explains on the Center’s website that their facility unlike others is more than just a fitness center. Unlike typical fitness centers where clients simply have to follow a set of routine exercises, the SLMC Weight Management Center is hospital-based, therefore their multidisciplinary team of specialists can formulate custom-made programs based on each patient’s unique health conditions and criteria. “Patients come to the Center because they are usually referred due to other health concerns, or they simply want to change their lifestyle,” he adds.

The medically-supervise
weight management programs include: Behavioral modification, Individualized nutrition program, Scientifically-designed physical fitness programs, Pharmacological treatment and Bariatric surgery (for morbidly obese patient cases). “All programs are geared toward a holistic and lifestyle change in clients, helping them to gain or lose weight and maintain the weight loss. In the end, prevention of the myriad metabolic problems associated with obesity and overweight can be achieved,” writes Dr. Mirasol.

The St. Luke’s Weight
Management Center was also a business partner in the recently concluded first season of the reality show The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. St. Luke’s personnel, including Dr. Jesus Fernando Inciong, Weight Management Center Director at SLMC Global City, provided their services in looking after the health and safety of the contestants as they went on their quest to lose unhealthy weight.

According to Mr. Jerome Garcia, Marketing Manager of SLMC, both SLMC branches in Quezon City and in Bonifacio Global City have the same facilities and offer the same services, and that they only differ in structural layout and architectural design. The photos presented were shot at SLMC Global City.

Among the other hospitals in Manila that offer similar services are the Medical City with their Wellness Center and the Manila Doctor’s Hospital with their Prevent Obesity (PRO)-Health Program.

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