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Malunggay Pandesal for Diabetics

Malunggay, also known as moringa leaves is named as the most nutritious green leafy vegetable in the Philippines for its remarkable amount of vitamins and minerals and health benefits. According to experts, malunggay has over 90 nutrients, many different antioxidants, packed with different vitamins and minerals especially iron and essential amino acids (e.g. methionine and cysteine) and is able to cure over 300 health related problems.

According to studies by the Philippine Herbal medicine Organization, one of the health benefits of Malunggay is its being anti-diabetic and anti-tumor. This means that regularly including malunggay in one’s diet will help in preventing the diabetes and cancer. This is because these diseases are primarily caused by certain nutritional imbalance and the intake of toxicities to the body, which is prevented and cleansed by eating malunggay regularly. Note that Malunggay is preventive and not curative of diabetes and cancer.

Because of the many health benefits of malunggay, one innovation of that has help facilitate the eating of malunggay is by incorporating the vegetable in pandesal resulting to the malunggay pandesal. The malunggay pandesal was concocted basically so that the ordinary pandesal which Filipinos love to eat during breakfast and snacks will be fortified with the health nutrients and benefits of malunggay. It is simply assumed that putting malunggay in the pandesal will allow one to get the nutrients from malunggay. However, there is still insufficient study if the nutritional value of malunggay is retained when included in the pandesal. Nevertheless, malunggay pandesal is very much recommended not only to diabetics but all people in general for its more nutritional than an ordinary pandesal.

Apart from preventing diabetes, the malunggay pandesal is especially rich in Vitamin A for improving eye sight and skin. This is especially helpful for diabetics who often suffer from vision problems and skin itchiness. Malunggay is also high in protein, which is the building blocks of life, necessary for improving lean body muscles of people. Finally, it is also improves blood circulation, which is especially helpful for healing wounds and improving the over wellness of people especially those with diabetes.

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