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Lower Death Rates for Diabetic Men

Surprising news was released by 3 large US databases. For 29 years, from 1971 to 2000, the death rate of men with diabetes has dropped significantly. Unfortunately for women, the figures showed no difference. However, studies between the disparity in the death rates of men and women never stated the reason behind it. Researchers say that the improvements seen in men suggest that the improvements in diabetes care are working on longevity as well. However, they note that the finding in women is concerning and means that there is still a need to explore whether different approaches are needed to improve health outcomes for women with diabetes.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) I, II, and III,conducted a study of 20,000 individuals aged 35 to 74. These participants were followed closely for 12 years to check who was still living and who have already died. Results showed that all causes of death for men with diabetes fell from 42.6 percent to a whopping 24.4 percent annually per 1,000 people.There was also a 43 percent reduction in age adjusted deaths, while a huge decline of ; cardiovascular disease (most common with people suffering from diabetes) ; related deaths were also noted.

Figures showed that from 26.4 percent, it declined to 12.8 percent. Unfortunately a for women, statistics for cardiovascular disease related deaths or the all-cause deaths did not decline at all. Researchers surmise varying reasons on the disparity. Some claim that women have had less improvement in heart disease risk factors in recent years.: Other studies suggest women receive less aggressive care for heart disease and risk factors. Still other studies suggest that heart disease and diabetes may take ; a subtly different form in women, and that different types of treatments are needed.

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