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Low-fat dairy may aid weight loss

Overweight diabetic patients can now turn to low-fat dairy products to ease their struggle to lose weight, a group of researchers said. Dr. Danit R. Shahar and colleagues from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer-Sheva urged diabetics to try a diet rich in low-fat dairy calcium after discovering in a study that overweight type 2 diabetic patients with a higher intake of dairy calcium increased odds of losing weight twice.

“Such a diet should be tried in diabetic patients,” the researchers told diabetics, particularly those who have a tough time sticking to other weight loss diets.

In the study where 259 overweight diabetics participated, the researchers discovered the weight loss promoting effect of dairy calcium when overweight type 2 diabetic patients on a calorie-restricted diet enhanced their weight loss process in six months.

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