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Low-carb Diets Helps Control Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers from Duke University Medical Center found out that encouraging a diabetes patient to maintain a diet low in carbohydrate may pose significant improvements in blood sugar control.

For six months the team of Dr. Eric Westman, observed 84 type 2 diabetes and obese patients who were randomly chosen to either undergo a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (less than 20 grams of carbs/day) or a low-glycemic, reduced calorie diet (500 calories/ day). In addition, all the participants were required to attend group meetings and were given nutritional supplementation and an exercise regimen.

Twenty-four weeks after, a blood test was done on each participant in order to determine if there was a significant change in their glycemic control. The findirligs revealed that the members on the low-carbohydrate diet registered greater improvements in. HbAl c, weight loss and reductions in diabetes medications by as much as 95 percent vs. 62 percent in the low-glycemic group.

“Low glycemic diets are good, but our work shows a no-glycemic diet is even better at improving blood sugar control,” said Dr. Westman. “We found (that) you can get a three-fold improvement in type 2 diabetes as evidenced by a standard test of the amount of sugar in the blood.”

Dr. Westman added that though this diet is not that easy, the effects are quite rewarding and worth it. “Here in Duke, we would regularly provide our patients reinforcements and reminders to maintain a proper diet in order to combat their diabetes.”

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