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Low-Calorie Sweeteners for Diabetics

Although it is recommended for people with diabetes to minimize their sugar intake, they don’t really need to be outlawed from sugar. They can still enjoy sweet tasting food without having to worry about carbohydrates and possible increase of glucose in the blood, just by using low-calorie sweeteners. This is one way of reducing sugar intake without losing the taste of food. Keep in mind that diabetics don’t need to go a hundred percent sugar free. Balance is always the key.

So what are low-calorie sweeteners? Low-calorie sweeteners are sugar substitutes – these are usually the sweeteners we use instead of table sugar. These sweeteners have zero calories, and despite using them on food, they do not raise the glucose level in the blood. Also, these sweeteners are neither fat nor carbohydrates. This is what makes it preferable compared to table sugar, especially for the diabetics.

There are a lot of low-calorie sweeteners that people with diabetes can use – aspartame, malitol, lactitol, saccharin and xylitol are just some examples of low-calorie sweeteners. These sweeteners can be found in some food and drink products, while the others are reported to be the main ingredients of leading low calorie sweetener brands like Splenda, Canderel and Sweetex.

What low-calorie sweeteners are suitable for diabetics? There are also a variety of low-calorie sweeteners that are suitable for diabetics. Aspartame, for one, is an artificial sweetener that is being used in both hot and cold foods. Although, it is more recommended to be used in cold foods since higher temperature can decrease its sweetening effect. Sucralose is also one, and is also the most recent low-calorie sweetener available. Its sweetening effect is not affected by heat, and therefore recommended in hot drinks as well as for cooking. Splenda, a low-calorie sweetener brand, is based on sucralose.

Many of the commercially available low-calorie sweeteners generally have no effect on blood sugar. This gives people with diabetes the chance to enjoy sweet foods without worry about their sugar intake. However, with that being said, it is still advisable to check on the label to see how much carbohydrate the sweetener has. Sugar-free foods do not always mean no sugar at all, so make sure that you are always guarded when it comes to this. Like what was mention earlier, it is okay to enjoy these sweet tasting foods, as long as they are always taken in a balanced way.

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