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Lettuce Insulin for Diabetes

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Diabetes has been known widely as a disease which is a long term condition due to high blood sugar levels. It is one of the causes of deaths of people worldwide. Mostly, diabetes is hereditary. However, before one can truly understand what diabetes is, it is important to take note how insulin works in one’s body. Whenever a person eats, the body turns this food into sugar. Then, pancreas are supposed to release insulin to cater sugar. Insulin lets the sugar enter the cells in order to turn sugar to energy. But then, for a person who has diabetes, this system will not work. A person who has diabetes hardly produces, or not produces insulin at all. Hence, it has affected the parts and functions of the body.

Types of Diabetes
There are different types of diabetes—type 1 and type 2. Type one is also called as the ‘juvenile’ diabetes because most people who have it are the younger ones. On the other hand, it can be also acquired by people of any age. This is worse than type two because it is insulin-dependent diabetes. This kind of diabetes is present when the immune system attacks part of its own pancreas. There is still no reason for this. But, it works when the immune system sees insulin-producing cells as foreign; hence, attacking these cells happens. Due to this, the glucose cannot enter the cells. It stacks up in the blood. Then, this results to high blood sugar level. It damages the eyes, kidneys, and some other body parts. Type two, on the other hand, is related to people who are overweight. There is an insulin resistance even though the body can produce insulin. Exercise and diet often are included in the treatment. Insulin injection is also suggested whenever necessary.

Lettuce Insulin for Diabetes
There was a research about insulin-producing food to fight diabetes. In a research conducted, insulin is produced through lettuce. In this study, diabetic mice had normal blood and proper sugar levels after taking up this genetically produced insulin. This can be considered as a breakthrough in the field of medicine. These results can be used to conclude that insulin capsules can help prevent and treat the disease in its latest stage. Some people were still unsure about this research. However, the fact and ideas that these research might help in future developments in treating diabetes.

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