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Lemonsito for Weight Loss

Posted on January 10, 2021 | No Comments on Lemonsito for Weight Loss

Lemonsito or calamansi is small citrus fruit that is commonly used as a condiment for adding sour taste to fish sauce, soy sauce and bagoong. Calamansi is also usually included in meal preparation to remove the stench of fish, beef, goat meat and other food that is stinky. Calamansi is also use to add sourness to pansit, goto and other food.

As a citrus fruit, calamansi or lemonsito is rich in vitamin C and this helps improve body immune system and enhances beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within. Lately however, some people claims that drinking calamansi juice helps in losing weight faster. While no studies have yet been made to confirm this claim, many people have already testified to the effectiveness of calamansi in helping them reduce weight.

According to personal testimonials, drinking calamansi juice help in weight loss because it the citric acid helps curb one’s appetite that’s why a person would not feel hungry thus lessening the cravings for carbs. It must be noted however that the feeling of fullness is momentary. Thus, the person would be feeling hungry again in no time. Drinking calamansi juice with an empty stomach however may not be advisable because it can trigger hyperacidity. This in turn also somehow helps in people reducing weight because hyperacidic people tend to have a faster metabolism. What is important however is take calamansi juice before meals and still eating instead of skipping food.

The calamansi also helps in purging the body of toxins and body wastes. Finally, the vitamin C in calamansi helps people who drink the calamansi juice to feel energetic the whole day, which in turn allows one to engage in more vigorous activities like walking and sports, which directly helps burning fats and in reducing weight.

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