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Leche Flan with Splenda for Diabetics

Leche flan, also known as dulce de leche, is a traditional Filipino custard dessert with a coating of soft caramel on top served warm or cold. Whereas the Filipino recipe included a condensed milk and egg yolks molded in a pan coated with caramel, other variations of the flan in other countries featured the use of coconut or the use of cinnamon stick to add flavor to the flan. An important ingredient to the flan which provides sweet flavor is the sugary brown caramel glaze that adds depth of sweetness to the treat. The caramel glaze is made by simmering & stirring sugar with water.

Because the use of sugar in creating the caramel glaze is not advisable for diabetics, a healthier rendition or alternative for making the leche flan is the use of sugar substitutes. Sugar substitutes like Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, and Palsweet commonly used by diabetics as sweeteners are not real sugars. These sugar substitute have little effect on blood sugar levels. Thus, some people mistakenly thought of using sugar substitutes for creating the caramel glaze in making leche flans. Because Splenda for instance is not a real sugar, it does not melt like sugar does. It does not caramelize if you cook it but becomes dry crystallized sugar like those in peanut brittle.

In making a leche flan using splenda, the trick is to include muscovado sugar with the Splenda. A muscovado sugar is like a brown sugar except that it is darker, more unrefined and has strong molasses flavor. The use of muscovado sugar is a healthy alternative because it contains more minerals like Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. Simmering the mixture of splenda and muscovado sugar can help make a caramel sauce for the leche flan. In simmering, combine the spenda, brown sugar and water. Once the brown sugar is dissolved and melted, immediately pour the golden brown syrup to the mold. Further simmering the mixture can hardened the splenda. In this way, one can prepare leche flan using splenda for diabetics.

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