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Learn the Happy Habit

Posted on May 20, 2020 | No Comments on Learn the Happy Habit

Each year, we embark on a clean slate every time the clock strikes twelve marking the end of the year, and the beginning of yet another year. Those who had gonethrough trying times hope for the better; while those who reaped a year-round bounty hope for a more fruitful year ahead. To face the transition, we arm ourselves with resolutions. Some we keep, some we forget sooner than we expected we would. Each year we hope to be a little bit wiser, stronger, and better.

Why it’s better to keep things positive
According to popular Confucian Philosophy, “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” From this, can you imagine the number of things we unconsciously take for granted every time we complain about one little fault or one minor injury our day caused us? If you believe that the world is turning sour, then maybe a dash of sweet thoughts can turn things around. Maybe things are becoming sour because we focus on the irritants rather than the hearty laughter echoing around us. Do we see the thorns rather than the flower when we look at a rose plant? Do we see a glass as half-empty instead of being half-filled?

Researches on Positive Psyhology found out that people over-estimate the feelings they have towards the duration of bad and good events in life. Harvard University Positive Psychology Professor, Dan Gilbert shares that the things we fear about the future are not as harsh as we imagine them to be. In his book Stumbling on Happiness, he described the mistakes we make when imaging the future as regular and systematic-patterned and limited by our ability to foresee. Among many things he challenged and discussed in his book is our ability to adapt to things marvelously that our “psychological immune system” can make us happy despite the harshest things of life.

One way to challenge your ability to make yourself happy is by focusing on happier events in life than sulking on unpleasant experiences. Even if things don’t happen as how we would wish things to go, Dan Gilbert’s intriguing notes on Positive Psychology reveals that we can still find happiness everyday. Synthesize this ability by affirming something about you and about your day everyday. At a personal level, affirming yourself will renew your passions in life. Transform each day and record your progress in a journal so you can easily find how far you’ve set your soul to fly just by shedding a spark of positivity upon you everyday.

Make the world spin for your pleasure
Rhonda Byrne, author of best-sellers like The Secret and The Power, reveals in her books the secret to achieving and living the good life – the law of attraction. Simply put, the law of attraction follows that what you think is and will become the reality you live in. Say, you have a dream job and you want to live a certain kind of lifestyle while keeping that dream job, what you have to do is to always visualize yourself landing that dream job and living that life and soon enough the Universe will conspire in giving you what you want.

The law of attraction states that the thoughts we release and continuously set our mind on are recognized by the Universe and are then responded to accordingly. This means every good thought we focus on will be acknowledged; however this also means every negativity we indulge in will also be considered. This is where daily affirmations play an important role.

More than encouraging the practice of reinforcing one’s strengths rather than one’s weaknesses, the more we see and acknowledge the goodness in us, in other people and in our everyday lives, the more positivity we attract. If the past year was difficult, learn from whatever mistakes you may have committed, and put the year behind you. Fill yourselves with gratitude for all the blessing you have received despite the challenges, and look cheerfully and optimistically ahead with an unwavering confidence that good things will definitely happen this year.

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