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Laser Biochelation in the Philippines

Today, people live in a very toxic environment. They are relentlessly incessantly bombarded and exposed to different chemicals every minute of their lives. The air people inhale may be polluted with different chemicals especially carbon from exhausts of vehicles. Even the food we eat had been subjected to fertilizers and pesticides. Processed foods and canned goods contain heavy metals. Drinks such as tea, cocoa and coffee can contain cadmium and nickel. Even the water we drink can be polluted. People are also exposed to different chemicals placed directly in the bodies such as perfumes, hygienic products (deodorant, soap, shampoo) make up and other pollutants. Still others have vices such as cigarette smoking or liquor drinking.

While the metals and other chemicals in the body may both be useful and harmful, there are toxic metals which can be carcinogenic in the long run. These chemicals can gradually damage cells or genes or diminish our natural protective anti-oxidants and immune system which usually manifests themselves at old age in symptoms such as headaches, numbness, allergies, and other forms of physical weakness. In lieu of which, there is a need for people to detoxify themselves from the chemicals and other toxins that people are exposed to on a daily basis, which can accumulate in perilous levels in time.

Laser Biochelation or laser light blood irradiation therapy is a one safe, non-invasive, accurate and natural cleansing photo-hemotherapy method we can use to get rid of toxic metals in the body with the use of Helium Neon Laser. The process will help disintegrate the chemical plaques and metal deposits that sticks in our blood vessels i.e. arteries to help facilitate better blood circulation. It helps incite the regeneration of young blood cells which is important for carrying oxygen and other minerals/ nutrients in our body systems. It also has anti inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on parts of the body where toxic metals have accumulated which can be identified by placing a magnetic analyzer in several pressure points of the body. Laser Biochelation is ideal for people suffering from circulatory problems such as like hypertension, heart disease, diabetic complications, arthritis, asthma, those who under bipass surgery and generally for all people who want to feel rejuvenated.

In the Philippines, Laser Biochelation is available in BIOVITALE Holistic Center which is located at Ground Floor, CRB Bldg. Edsa Cubao Quezon City. It also has branches in San Fernando, Pampanga, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Alabang Muntinlupa City and Lipa City, Batangas.

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  1. ato gonzales Reply

    mapapagaling ba ng biochelation ang mga bukol ko na uric acid deposit gawa po ng aking gout artritis?

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