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Larger Breasts in Women increases Ddiabetes Risk

Being voluptuous with larger breasts may have its downside. And that is having a higher risk of developing diabetes, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada.

This finding may suggest that breast size could be a new marker for women most likely to develop diabetes; hence, screening young women for breast size could help identify those at risk.

Studying over 90,000 women, the researchers found that those with above-average bra sizes at the age of 20 were up to 80 percent more likely to get the disease than those with smaller breasts. The risk remained high, even adjusting for factors including being overweight, or having a family history of diabetes.

The study was based on a questionnaire survey of over 90,000 women in their late thirties on their bra sizes when they were aged 20. The investigators then tried to find out how many of the women eventually became diabetic.

Those with B to D cups showed increasing risks compared tot those wearing A cup at age 20. Women who wore ‘B’ cup at the age of 20 were 37 percent more likely to have diabetes than those wearing A cup. Those wearing C cup at 20, had 80 percent higher risk, dropping to 64 percent among those in a D cup. As for the reason, the authors speculate that fatty tissue in the breast—which is also adipose tissue, may also increase insulin resistance just as increased visceral adiposity does.

The authors said more research is needed but they suggested that doctors should include breast size measurements when assessing if a woman is at risk of diabetes.

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