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Keeping Yourselves Fit in School

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Going back to school could mean losing time for yourself. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with it and stay fit.

It has been a month since summer vacation ended. For sure, a lot of you are still (or once again) in an adjustment period. Waking up early, sitting for hours in a day, staying up late doing homework, preparing for an exam, minding a group project – all these things are attached to a student’s life. Not to mention the stress that is often present.

Students must not forget that they must not only maintain good grades but also maintain good health to keep them going.
We asked Chappy Callanta, Internationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and program director of 360 Fitness in Ortigas, for some pointers on how to stay fit while in school.

For the kids:

  • Do not skip P.E. (Physical Education). Callanta says that P.E. is there for a reason, and that is to give the kids the much needed physical activity. Even if it is just once a week, it gives them a break from all their lectures and other classes.
  • Keep active at school by playing outdoor games with friends. Computer games are “in” and fun but Callanta emphasized that one should not set aside physical activities. “Try active games for a change,” he said.
  • Bring lunch. “No disrespect to school cafeterias, but nothing really beats a home-cooked meal,” says Callanta. He advises parents to ensure their kids’ health by preparing lunch and snacks at home. He noticed that these days, most of the foods in schools lack nutritional value and that fast food joints are very accessible to students. By preparing their food, parents are assured that it is clean, that it has an appropriate amount or servings. and is complete in nutrients to keep them healthy.

For high school/college students:

  • Join a sports club or a team. Joining a sports club ensures that you get some form of physical activity. Most schools have an array of sports to offer like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton. Dance clubs are there too. There’s hip hop, cultural, and other dance types. Callanta suggests finding a club you can enjoy with your friends. You can even find new friends through joining a club.
  • Take advantage of student’s discounts in gyms. Like 360 Fitness Club, some gyms offer preferred rates for students who want to enroll and exercise. Callanta advises to take advantage of these discounts and enroll in these gyms. He noted, however, to “make sure that you get proper training especially since growing bodies will need scientifically designed training programs that will not affect the physical development of an individual.” Get someone good, a certified coach to teach you how to properly lift weights, run well and exercise with the correct form as well, as choosing the right exercises for you.

For all students:

  • Walk to your class. Take a walk out in the sun, too. Being there in school for the entire day can limit your much needed vitamin D that you can get from the sun. Vitamin D aids in absorption and utilization of calcium and is good for bone formation and preservation. Callanta says that everyone needs adequate sunlight at least 30 minutes two to three times a week. For college students enrolled in bigger universities, take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the campus and enjoy the scenery, get some light and cardio exercises. The World Health Organization says that 10,000 steps a day is a good fitness regimen to have.
  • Beat stress with exercise. You need it especially when facing a deadline or preparing for an exam. Exercise actually helps in promoting blood flow to your brain. “When we run or pump iron, our blood vessels become dilated, allowing much needed blood flow to our brain,” says Callanta. Aside from that, exercise also releases feel-good hormones like endorphins which can combat stress that students feel in school. Make conscious efforts to stay active and healthy. Develop good habits. Watch what you eat.

Follow these tips and rest assured you will enjoy the whole school year.

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