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Keep Your Cool

Posted on August 20, 2021 | No Comments on Keep Your Cool

Whether you are diabetic or just simply watching your calorie intake, these summer coolers can satisfy your yearning appetites yet keep those sugars at bay and keep you chilled out, too. Enjoy!

Fruits in Ice Cream Lite

It is every diabetic’s dream, young and old alike, to pamper himself/herself with an ample serving of ice cream to gratify the insatiable desire for sweets. However, the fear of sugar excess makes this dream merely a dream. But who would have thought that a frozen delight could make their sweet dreams come true? With Fruits in Ice Cream Lite, every sweettoothed-diabetic’s wish is granted. Check out Fruits in Ice Cream Lite’s scooping stations to experience the sweetness of Mixed Berries, the lushness of Mangoes & Cream, the chocolaty taste of Choco Marble and the rich coffee flavor in Cafe Latte – minus all the sugar, of course. Plus Fruits in Ice Cream Lite is high in fiber and is 95% fat free. Definitely, sweet dreams are made of these.

Caramel Frost Light from Figaro

Indulge with less guilt in the goodness of caramel with Figaro’s Caramel Frost Light. With 24% less sugar and 50% less fat, this ice-blended drink captures 12 ounces of creamy caramel delight you’ve only been fantasizing about.

Homemade Barley from Kopi Roti

Barley is traditionally used in soups, salads; breakfast cereals and baked products. But Kopi Roti’s Homemade Barley Drink makes it as one of the best alternative drinks in the metro for diabetics. In a study made at the Diet and Human Performance Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland by the Agricultural Research Service, it is shown that barley is more effective in reducing both glucose and insulin responses than oats. Barley also contains tocotrienol, an oil component which has cholesterol-lowering activity. So what could be more enticing than a glass of an ice-cold sugarless and fiberrich Homemade Barley Drink topped with a zesty lemon on a hot summer day?

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