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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Philippines

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is a non profit nongovernmental organization designed to help improve the lives of young children with diabetes, manage their condition and ensure that they live regular and product lives. It is the ardent belief of the organization that diabetes should be obstacle for people to achieve their dreams and goals. Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Philippines was established precisely to ensure that children with diabetes reach their dreams and goals. In lieu of which the organization is equally committed to help find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of medical and health research.

With the objective of helping children with diabetes to enjoy and live life to the fullest, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation collaborates with a broad network of partners in medical, business, media and social organization in order to implements its programs to help people with diabetes. One of its primary programs included hold regular diabetes camp education in identified areas across the country to reach children with diabetes and provide them with a venue to enjoy life in healthy and learning environment. This includes summer camping exercises and programs, self management workshop, lectures and seminars, family counselling programs and other fun activities. The organization also holds regular community outreach programs and school programs that teach people on ways of preventing and managing diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation understands the value of life tin committing itself to saving the lives of individual child with diabetes. As a charity organization, it provides its service primarily out of compassion for service thereby maintaining its integrity. The organization also understands the central importance of the family in managing diabetes and helping diabetic patients cope with their condition. Thus, the foundation actively engages the active support and participation of family members in all their programs.

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Philippines is located at APC Building Quezon Avenue, Quezon city Philippines Tel: 24152173.

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  1. Julie Ann Buena Reply

    I just wantto join the foundation.
    My Nephew is diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetis (philippines) and he is only 15 years.
    I am theonly guardian, although he has but doesnt care enough i am currently workingin UAE.
    I want my nephew to be treated we dont have that much amount ofmoney to go for his medication, can anyone help me please.

    Thanks a lot!
    Appreciate your kind response.

  2. Cindy Abadines Reply

    I am inquiring on how to help a family of 3. The mom has Diabetes type 2 on insuli and her 2 kids ages 11 & 16 y/o has been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and also on Insulin. The father died 2012 at age of 39 also had Diabetes. The mom is now unable to work due to severe infection on her secondary to diabetes and since her husband passed away the family is dependent on other family to help but very limited help.
    I would like to submit the story of this family that can benefit with a program from Diabetes foundation for help with supplies of insulin thru the Pharmaceuticals company that provides indigent charity program.
    I would like more information on available programs for such family.
    I would appreciate any information & guidance on how I can submit this family on any programs available here in the Philippines or international program available.

    Thank you
    Cindy Abadines

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