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Jambolan Guava Jelly

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Jambolan guava jelly is simply a jelly made of jambolan or duhat and guava or bayabas. It is made by simply mixing juices of duhat (jambolan) and bayabas (guava) with sugar and boiling it in a shallow pan for at least two minutes until the concoction turns into jelly by continuously stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon. Once cooked, the jambolan guava jelly can then be placed in sterilized glasses for storage.

The Jambolan Guava Jelly or duhat bayabas jelly is primarily used as sandwich. Some children may be fond of eating it. The combination of the two fruits and sugar provides the jelly with a distinct sweet taste. While the jelly is made from jambolan or duhat and bayabas (guava) and is supposed to be nutritious, most of its nutritional contents often die as a result of cooking especially the vitamins.

Moreover, while jambolan or duhat has been known to reduce blood sugars for diabetics, the jambolan jelly is not advisable for diabetic patients because of the excessive sugar content of the jelly. It must be noted that at least 50% of the jelly is sugar and is therefore not advisable for diabetic patients. For every cup of fruit juice added in making the jelly, it requires an equivalent of 1 cup of sugar as well. The addition of sugar is what practically turns the juices into jelly.

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