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ISDFI Advocacy

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The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation or ISDFI is a society created to provide means and ways for its members, health practitioners, medical researchers and other support organizations and groups to publish, distribute and disseminate the latest information about Diabetes, the latest medical breakthroughs, activities, available services and other accomplishments that relates to diabetes care. The society serves as a venue or melting pot for keeping members both locally and abroad to share their knowledge on the newest medical trends and discoveries in the care, management and treatment of diabetes.

The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation or ISDFI aims in empowering healthcare professionals to provide excellent and humane diabetes care and envisions that everyone infected by such disease be able to receive excellent and humane diabetes care for the end objective of ending this disease once and for all. While no immediate cure has been created for diabetes and most of the medical breakthroughs focus on its management, ISDFI still hopes that one day we can find a cure to diabetes and make this disease obsolete. Meanwhile, the society also advocates in freeing the Philippines from this disease by promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of this disease in the new generation.

In pursing this mission and vision, The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation or ISDFI operates under five core values. First is the Love of work which pertains to the commitment of its members to pursuit of its objective. Second is family to which it gets inspiration to make a dent on diabetes. It is for the love of family that their members seek to end this disease. Third is service to life which is the ministry and driving force that moves its members and experts to continuous seek new knowledge and skills to combat the disease. Fourth is Integrity in ministering to life as an honorable mission. Finally, it commits itself to Excellence life as individual members strive to give its best to be the best in this field of healthcare. ISDFI is an umbrella organization of different groups related to diabetes. The Component Organizations included Philippine Society of Diabetologists (PSD), UERMMMC-ISDF Alumni Association, Inc. (UE-ISDFAA), Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators (PADE), Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines (ADNEP), Consortium of Government Diabetes Clinics (CGDC), Center for Diabetes Care Network, Inc. (CDC) and Rainbow Camp (RC).

The headquarters of the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation or ISDFI is located at 571 Apitong Street Marikina Heights, Marikina City Philippines Tel no. 941-98-56,4822145, 4821980, or 4827647.

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