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The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation (ISDF) is a non profit non stock corporation established to campaign, provide, and disseminate information about diabetes including latest discoveries, breakthroughs, trends and activities to its members, medical practitioners and the general society. This is prompted by the mission to empower healthcare professionals the ability to deliver exceptional and compassionate diabetes care to everyone from the patients, their relatives and acquaintances and the general community.

ISDF Philippines is composed of different components organizations such as Philippine Society of Diabetologists (PSD), UERMMMC-ISDF Alumni Association, Inc. (UE-ISDFAA), Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators (PADE), Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines (ADNEP), Consortium of Government Diabetes Clinics (CGDC), Center for Diabetes Care Network, Inc. (CDC), and Rainbow Camp (RC). These are organizations that actively contribute, collaborate, benefit and perform that activities of the foundation.

ISDF Philippines works in five core values namely: Love of work which continuously drive its members’ passion and commitment to its important role in addressing diabetics and enhancing, extending and saving God’s greatest gift of life; Family, which serves as its principal inspiration that brings meaning to its work; service , which is the ultimate goal for all its endeavors and activities; Integrity, which is the guiding principle in ministering and performing its honorable mission; and excellence, which drives its perpetual struggle to bring health and to end sickness.

ISDF Philippines serves as an institution of learning which provide specialized courses and training in diabetics. It is dully accredited to offers a master’s degree program on Science in Internal Medicine Major in Diabetology (MSIM), and a certificate or diploma course in Ambulatory-Care Course on Diabetes Mellitus and Hospital Diabetes Practice (In-Patient). The foundation also regularly provides short term training programs in Ambulatory Care, DM training for Medreps, and Lipid Training, among others. AS a research institution, the foundation sponsors for clinical fellows, has a regular publication called Scribblings (which contained the latest researches, activities, discoveries, trends, news, medical literature for advancing knowledge about diabetes) as well as act as the Philippine’s representative in international Diabetes conventions and congress.

ISDF Philippines is located at 571 Apitong Street Marikina Heights, Marikina City Zip code 1810 with telephone nos. 941-98-56,4822145, 4821980, 4827647

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  1. Dr Arnel Binalla Reply

    Dra Elizabeth Catindig
    Executive Director
    Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation
    Marikina City
    November 5, 2014

    Dear Dra Catindig,

    I would like, first, to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to undergo the training on Diabetes. I am very grateful that I have enhanced my knowledge, and I have become more confident in managing diabetic patients. I am one of the LEAD PH Graduate during the sixth batch of this year.
    After going back to my place of practice, I happen to talk with other LEAD PH graduates in my area, Drs Geoffrey Leopecillo and Dante Bausa. I opened up a discussion regarding the possibility of having a Diabetes Education Center in our vicinity. They are very amenable to the idea and they are willing to support any project that would help educate our diabetic patients. This is very timely because I have a friend dietitian/ nutritionist who is an associate diabetes educator of the Philippine Center for Diabetes Educators. I am contemplating on organizing this office in partnership with our colleagues so that there will be support for the success of the proposed Education Center.
    Knowing that one goal of the ISDF is to educate diabetic patients all over the country, I would like to humbly request for your permission and assistance so that our plan will come into existence. May I know if there is a process for establishing such centers in the provinces? If there is, I would to apply and I will be willing to comply with the requirements. This will be our way of contributing to your vision.
    It will give me much pleasure to hear from you. Thank you very much.

    Yours truly,

    Arnel B. Binalla, MD

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