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Insulin Pill in the Works

Posted on July 5, 2021 | No Comments on Insulin Pill in the Works

Diabetics may soon find insulin injections non-existent as Diabetology, a British research and development company, has developed a form of insulin that can be taken orally. The company successfully encased the insulin in a capsule which effectively brings it all the way down to the small intestines, whole and intact, without being digested by acids in the stomach.

Upon reaching the small intestines, the capsule dissolves and releases the insulin along with some other materials that enhance the absorption of the insulin through the intestinal wall. Researchers say that the method by which the capsule transports the insulin into the body approximates the behavior of the pancreas, the body’s source of insulin in healthy people.

Sixteen patients with type 2 diabetes underwent a trial led by Professor David Owens of Cardiff University, to study the effects of the insulin pill. Another researcher from the university, Dr. Steve Luzio, presented the results of the trial at the American Diabetes Association June 2007 meeting in Chicago. Oral insulin taken twice daily before breakfast and dinner, was able to control glucose levels in this small study.

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