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Insulin Pens More Cost-Effective than Syringes

Patients with type 2 diabetes who already require regular insulin injections may save more using insulin pens than traditional syringes. Results of a new- study found that using pre-loaded insulin pens were more cost-effective than the traditional insulin therapy using syringes.

Researchers from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio found that patients were able to save more money with the insulin pens as it helped them make fewer trips to the hospital, thereby reducing patient’s use of health care resources, which in the long-run translates directly to cost savings, according to study researchers.

Lead study author Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan and colleagues studied a database of type 2 diabetic patients enrolled between 2001 and 2006 from the North Carolina Medicaid program. They compared 1,162 patients who started their insulin therapy with syringes to 168 who started using insulin pens. Excluding prescriptions, results showed that the annual health care cost per patient of the insulin pen group averaged roughly $14,900 while it took $32,000 for the syringe group.

The research team also noted that even if the initial cost of the insulin pen is greater than the syringes, the overall cost benefits of using insulin pens still outweigh syringe use. Insulin pens are also easy to bring along, provide greater dosage accuracy, and satisfy more patients.

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