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Injury Prevention among Diabetics

All people naturally avoid injuries but avoiding injuries is a greater must for people with diabetes because of their relatively weaker healing powers. Diabetes can reduce the blood’s clotting ability, which essential in our body’s natural self healing process. Thus, simple cuts or would among diabetics can be potentially dangerous as they become more prone to infection as wounds don’t heal immediately. Because of which injury prevention among diabetics is very critical.

The first step to preventing injury is to refrain from engaging in activities that makes one prone to injuries. For instance, one should walk instead of run in exercising. In selecting a sport exercise, one should choose those with less physical contact such as biking over boxing or swimming over basketball. In engaging in sporting activities or any other activities for that matter, one should heed that “safety first” principle. For example, one should utilize or wear safety equipment and gears before engaging in sport like helmet and paddings when biking. In the same token, one should similarly wear safety gear when doing chores like gloves when cleaning dishes or scrubbing floors.

It is also advisable to create a generally safe environment in the home so that accidents are prevented. For instance, all things should be kept in their proper places so that the house can be obstruction-free as much as possible. Areas (i.e. basement which are dark should be properly lighted, rugs should be placed on slippery areas (e.g. toilet), chores vulnerable to injuries should be delegated to others (e.g. hire a cook for cooking).

Because diabetics are prone to feet injuries, it is advisable for them to examine their feet regularly. They should also prevent their feet dry up or crack by putting moisturizers or lotions regularly. They should avoid walking barefoot. They should also hire experts for having their pedicure and manicure.

Apart from injury prevention, it is also important for other people to be aware of a person’s diabetic condition at all time so that they are properly informed when emergency arises. Diabetics are advised to wear medical identification jewelry that will inform people of their condition. They should also always carry with them their equipment (i.e. blood glucose meter, injection pump) and medication (i.e. insulin) at all times so that they are immediately available in case needed.

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