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Injecting Made Easy

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Be it in the form of a pump, vial and syringe, or pen, an insulin device is a must for every diabetic in need of insulin. However, insulin devices aren’t the same in terms of yielding positive results. Based on a recent study, an insulinfilled pen is regarded as the best device in a number of aspects. Researchers found patients with Type 2 diabetes who use insulin pens achieved better adherence to medication and experienced fewer instances of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar compared to conventional vial and syringe delivery. As a result, this group went to see the doctor less often and spent less for medication expenses.

An insulin pen is much like a regular pen, only that it has insulin instead of ink. In lieu of ball point, a diabetic pen has a needle point which can be directly injected to the patient. Insulin pens and needles, distributed by local arms of international pharmaceutical companies, are available in leading drugstores.

Novomix 30 Flex Plen

This analogue premix by Novo Nordisk has longer acting insulin that replaces both meal-related and basal insulin.

  • Single unit increment dosing
  • Maximum dosing up to 60 units
  • Easy dial back for dose correction
  • Single button for dialing and injection
  • Large window display
  • Automatic reset to zero
  • Virtually painless with 31 G needle

Sanofi-Aventis Autopen 24

The first Autopen was launched in 1989 but a new modified version of this was released in 2004. Autopen 24 is compatible with the Sanofi-Aventis insulin called Lantus. In using this device, one has to follow only two simple steps: dial and deliver.

  • Has a side release button that makes for automatic insulin delivery and more stable injection because of less movement at the injection site
  • Audible clicks and a clear physical stop are present as the dose is dialed
  • The dose selection returns to the start line at the end of each delivered dose
  • Large, bold and clear numbers for easy visibility
  • Light weight plastic design
  • Easy to use and easy to touch

HumaPen Ergo II

Eli Lilly’s more recent insulin delivery device is marketed as “the ergonomic pen” because of its easy-to-use features. The original Ergo pen incorporated a push, twist and lock bayonet cartridge holder attachment. Ergo II has a threaded cartridge which is easier to attach and stays more secure throughout the life of the device. The newer version has an updated industrial design but still retains the soft touch feature of the original.

  • This pen is ideal for patients starting on Lilly insulin. Diabetics can inject from I to 60 units of Humulin or Humalog insulin from a 3 ML cartridge (100 IU/mL).
  • The HumaPen Ergo sets the standard for ease of use through its differentiating features including simple dose reading, easy dose correction, and convenient cartridge changing.
  • Patients can dial dose one unit at a time. If patients dial too many units, they can correct the dose without wasting any insulin.
  • Proven, good quality pen that is easy to use and feels comfortable in one’s hand
  • Ergo II cap can be placed on the device in any orientation much like the cap on a writing pen

BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles

Becton Dickenson proudly incorporates thin wall technology in their latest pen needles which ensure ‘overall improved injection comfort’. The needles are available in three sizes: Mini Pen Needle (5mm) is for children, thin people, or adults with needle phobia. Short Pen Needle (8mm), BD’s best-selling needles, is the appropriate size for most people. Original Pen Needle (12.7 mm) is made for people who need large doses of insulin.

  • Compatible with all leading insulin pens (with practical screw thread for secure fit on all leading insulin pens)
  • A lower force required to push the pen injection plunger
  • Optimized point geometry to reduce pain
  • Proprietary micro-bonded lubricant for improved injection comfort
  • Facilitates pen injection for people with dexterity difficulties

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