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In The Arms of Miracles

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What is a miracle? How do you define it? Would you know one when you see one? Orestes Ignacio, 61, came face-to-face with one of the biggest miracles during his 58th year of existence. This is his story.

Before his life turned about, Orestes was the typical loving father and an industrious Casino Manager at PAGCOR living his life one day at a time. But, without his full knowledge, the diabetes that he inherited from his diabetic mother had already begun to take its toll. He noticed that his complexion became all the more yellowish. He also experienced difficulty in breathing, a feeling that was most alien to him since he used to jog, play basketball and lift weights for maintenance.

Little did he know that, at a snail’s pace, diabetes was stealthily creeping through his body. “I didn’t have any idea about my diabetes until I was operated on during my executive check up in 2006. All those times, I ignored it,” recalled Orestes. “I was running on the treadmill during the check-up when the doctor saw that I was skipping a beat. He immediately called my wife and was advise to go home after that.

He finally went an angiogram, a procedure which Orestes refused a year earlier because he said he wasn’t ready. It was found out that there are 4 clogged arteries in his heart. However, when he was finally operated on, the surgeons found another clog that wasn’t show in the angiogram, something that is more complicated.

“I was ordered to eat soft foods such as noodles, soup, and porridge but the swallowing part was really tough” With this, he became gaunt and weak. A sight which his loving wife, Tess, a nurse, got awfully worried about. But, with his rockhard determination combined with his wife’s non-ceasing love and concern, they fought this eating ordeal which resulted in his gradual recovery.

“To heal faster and maintain my blood sugar, I religiously follow my diet; no to too much sugar, mango or any food that has high sugar,” said Orestes. “I perpetually take the medicines that my doctor gave me. Also, I do jogging as it improves my blood circulation, although not regularly because of my work shift.”

In the absence of time for jogging, this family man spends his time in his lush backyard. Simple planting, watering and pruning plants give Orestes utmost delight and new-found zeal in life. “This is to entertain me, eventually forget my illness and enjoy life,” he said.

For some, inspiration is more elusive when they most need it, but for Orestes, inspiration is a mere step away as it comes in the form of his family, most especially his special child, Tammy, and his wife.

“My wife keeps me on my toes as she helps me with my daily regimen and diet,” he said. “I also get inspiration from my special daughter who loves to kiss and hug me every time she gets the chance.”

His wife, a beaming bag of sunshine who effortlessly assisted this writer during the interview, became the key to this story’s theme-family’s love. With her knack for entertaining guests, this writer couldn’t help but be inspired by the cheery Mrs. Ignacio who treated , guests like a relative who just came from abroad.

Not all husbands are blessed with a wife so caring, loving and infectiously cheerful; the kind who would endure all things with their partners until the end. Not all are endowed with a family like that of the Ignacios that feels your every hurt and shares your every anguish.

“God is my number one inspiration, then my wife and my children. I pray to God and thank Him for my family. They push me to strive harder to improve my health,” said Orestes. “My son who’s abroad now constantly reminds me not to overwork and force myself too much. He also tells me to take good care of myself and sleep early whenever we get the chance to talk.”

In this life, no amount of love and care can be measured up against that one given by your family. Yes, your best friend will be there, even your trusted colleague may do, but they can only do so much.

A family’s love is like a constant flowing river: boundless and unconditional.

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