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Hypertension and Diabetes

Posted on October 28, 2020 | No Comments on Hypertension and Diabetes

High blood pressure (hypertension) is both a condition that can lead to diabetes and a complication of diabetes. Having diabetes increases the risk of hypertension because diabetes can damage or harden the arteries, a condition call atherosclerosis, which causes high blood pressure and other deadly complications such as stroke, heart failure or heart attack. Diabetes can also damage your kidneys’ filtering system, which can lead to high blood pressure. This is essentially why diabetes and hypertension frequently occur together.

There are no symptoms for high blood pressure that’s why it is important to regular monitor it. People however normally complain of aches at the back of the neck, and dizziness which is already critical. Thus, for people with diabetes, monitoring and controlling normal levels of blood sugar is equally important as controlling blood pressure.

To treat High Blood Pressure, one can take medications such as ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors and ARBS (angiotensin II receptor blockers). It is important to consult doctor with regard to medications because some medicines for high blood can worsen blood sugar levels. Another way to address high blood pressure for diabetics is by taking “water pills” or diuretics, which the person to urinate to get rid of excessive fluid.

Lifestyle change is important in order to avoid and treat High Blood Pressure especially for a diabetic person. Aside from the customary need of controlling sugar through proper balance diet and exercise, a diabetic patient should also avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption and salt intake.

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