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How to Thicken Skin on Legs

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One of the early and identifiable signs of diabetes is the development of leg rashes and similar skin problems such as shin spots and allergies which can be attributed to bacterial and fungal skin infections. Most diabetics are initially concerned with the aesthetics of the skin as the thinning of the skin makes it look older. The thinning of the skin is primarily caused by the reduction of collagen and elastin. While the thinning of the skin is normal as one gets older, the typical remedy to prevent or at least delay its occurrence by regularly applying creams and lotions to the skin.

A natural remedy is to apply oil to the skin and the wearing of protective clothing especially when a person goes out during day time. For the diabetic however, the thinning of the skin can simply be addressed by lotions and creams. Instead, the best way to thicken the skin in one’s legs or generally in one’s whole body is by maintaining a healthy diet to combat or maintain a balance sugar level. Moreover, including nutritious foods in the diet particularly fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and omega-3 would help in thickening the skin. Meanwhile, the diabetic patient should avoid vices that can decrease nutrient absorption and worsen one’s diabetic condition such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake as well as getting stress. One should maintain a positive outlook and attitude and avoid worrying about the sickness.

Normal health people as well as diabetic people should maintain an active lifestyle by engaging in exercise and sports. A sedentary lifestyle will loosened the muscles of the body including the legs which can wrinkle the skin. Among the simple ways to exercise the leg muscles and thicken the skin is by hiking or walking which help work out the quadriceps and the hamstrings. If one do not have the luxury of going place, then one can work out leg muscles at home by doing squats or performing leg curls which can help tone and strengthen your glutes to gain muscle strength and mass.

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