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How to Stop Diabetic Leg Cramps?

People with Type 2 diabetics have a greater chance to suffer leg cramps especially during night time. These cramps is characterized by sudden spasms of leg pain which may sometimes be unbearable and accompanied with shortness of breath, which are often triggered by one’s exposure to chemicals such as gasoline, thinner, rugby, paint, insecticides, and other toxins. A diabetic leg cramps is also often accompanied with shrinking of calf muscles and dry blotchy tan skin. This is normally caused by poor blood circulation in the lower legs, which is a common problem among diabetics.

There are also some easy home remedies to address diabetic Leg Cramps especially at home. First one is by addressing the drying of the skin by regularly putting lotion to moisturize the skin. This is important because the cracks and fissures in the skin can be infected with bacteria such as gangrene infection. It is also advisable to avoid taking long baths and hot showers. The drying of skin can also be addressed by drinking plenty of water to hydrate the body, which will increase urination and remove too much sugar as well as potassium in the blood. It would be helpful to drink water before getting sleep. Since potassium is also a major culprit in cramps, it would be advisable to avoid food that is plenty of potassium such as banana and most root crops like cassava.

When a leg cramp occurs, it would be advisable to walk around and shake your leg to circulate the blood. Diabetic patients should also regularly exercise but avoid over working the legs. Finally, when the pain is really agonizing and recurring, consulting a doctor is apparently the best way to remedy the problem. Doctors can prescribe the necessary medicine to relax muscles or the nervous system.

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